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"I sent a message to Fujin," Kochou turned and her eyes were completely black, "Yoshi, that old cat, is heading back as well. I feel like this is a practice run for The Council, but I know it is much worse."

Luscious closed his eyes again, and before he fell into a trance, he said: "I will start breaking through the wolves. It will take time, but it would be best if we teleported to Chiyo's at one point."

"Yes, because going to the Chapel or to the HQ, it would be too much of a risk," she spoke, as the darkness around her started to gather. "Takeshi, do you think there are only hencmen around here, or is their Master in New Tokyo as well?"

"You are the very first soul I have ever said those words to," Rem said, his younger-looking face smiling. He couldn't believe he had that courage to actually go in for the kiss, not to mention confess right in the middle of the chaos. "And you know my real name. It has echoed in your mind, I bet. We have a connection," he murmured, and with those words, the name Rem echoed in the air, but only Ichiro, Takeshi, Luscious and Kochou were able to hear it.

Next kiss made him breathless, as he finally understood all the emotions being shared from the boy much younger than him. The feelings were mutual, but Rem knew he had to be patient with this situation, just like he has been until now. "You know that you just gave me a gift, right?" The feelings that Ichiro poured into him gave him more strength than he ever could ask for, and he now was completely ready for the next battle.