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located in Scrapyard City, a part of The War After, one of the many universes on RPG.

Scrapyard City

A β€˜major’ city


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Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat...

The sound of hurried light patter of small feet was barely audible over the much louder city life. Running rather nimbly through the rough n' tumble was an unusual sight, a tall figure dressed fully in white-and-blue, body covered in a light-blue zipped jumpsuit, giving the vague impression of a female form, and over the suit was an open flowing white lab coat. The face of the figure was obscured by a triangular visor, and a hood even hid the back of her head. Clothes looked fairly clean, cleaner than typical at least, with only minor tearing. The figure was carrying a large duffel bag as well, filled with supplies of some sort, and handling it pretty well.

"Ey, watch it!" a man yelled as the figure gracefully spun around to avoid bumping into him. As she did so, the coat revealed the back of the figure, a black symbol on the back of the suit resembling a stylized arrow pointing down with the number 17. To the few that have seen this symbol before, or at least were vaguely familiar, would know of some horror stories of a wartime bio-engineering facility, and a mad doctor operating just on the outskirts. "The hell?" the man mumbled, as the figure turned to quietly bow to him briefly, before sprinting off again, leaving him and a few others befuddled by the encounter.

This figure, as a name-tag dangling from the coat would indicate, possessed only the name of Lumina, and also apparently considered a physician herself by the inclusion of a nurse title. She was here to perform errands on behalf of the mad doctor himself, Dr. Hayden Addler. This would also imply, also, that the elegant form behind the suit was something not quite human, given the good doctor's reputation. Regardless, she had money, and was causing no harm, and yet, not all are okay with even that.

Making her way out, she happened by a bar, catching the aftermath of some sort of scuffle that occurred recently. She stopped, watching as a couple men came limping out the building. She tilted to the side, watching them curiously, them on the other hand being in far too much pain, and far too defeated to really pay much attention to their surroundings. Then a third, an sheepish fellow with thick glasses, holding his jaw, apparently, by his shifting eyes, in search of someone to attend to his painful situation.

Pat, pat, pat, pat...

The man soon had a shadow cast over him as Lumina now loomed over him, staring deeply at him. He nearly fell back at the figure's sudden approach, bracing for the worst as two gloved hands reached out for him, barely hiding the small claws on their tips. Jabs of pain would go through his head as the being felt his bruised face, only to utter confused and pained grunts. Shortly after, forcing the man's mouth open slightly, pressing a thumb inside his mouth and over a molar, the other holding his head still, and in a quick motion, and pop, pushes the jaw straight and then lifts up relocating it, before letting the man go and drop to a sitting position on the ground, holding his face in shock of what just transpired, and within only a few seconds.

"You stopped, what are you doing?" a tired man's voice popped through a communication device in the visor. Lumina tilted her head putting a finger on the side of her head where an ear would be for a human. "That is not a place to linger, the locals aren't exactly known for their... hospitality."