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located in Scrapyard City, a part of The War After, one of the many universes on RPG.

Scrapyard City

A ‘major’ city


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The Wastes: Outskirts Of Scrapyard City

“Status report...Current time is...Unknown. Sun in currently shining above, location suggest morning...It’s been six months since landing...Lieutenant! How is the status of our squadron?” A voice echoed off the desert wastes as a large mechanical figure was slowly hovering forward alone. It’s body looking a bit worn and dirty no doubt from a combination of the sand and fights.

However the machine would look around as no one responded to it. And of course it would see nothing but sand and dunes. “I did not give the order to behind stealth operations. Always acting on their own! It would be nice if you guys...Oh right...I don’t have a squadron anymore...” It would nod to itself as it continued to advance forward eventually coming across what appeared to be a massive wrecked ship, and signs of civilization inside said ship.

Ah...Finally signs of civilization. His body was getting worn down, it would be nice to have some time to fix himself up. Who knows what sort of damage he took unfixed for...How long has he been here again?...Feh...Must be a glitch in his memory, it should fix itself if he just took the time to remember but for now he had his next destination. The city.

Scrapyard City

Inside the lower levels of the city, due to its immense size even this large machine can easily hover around the city with plenty of room to move around. Such a sight was of course sorta normal these days, some scavengers looked up at the machine and simply returned to scavenging. Others glanced at at the weapon they had and quickly decided against trying to attack the armored machine for parts. The machine simply began to hover in place to do a self diagnose to find out it’s own current status.

Minor external damage...Paint and body color fading...Recommended to find metal and paint...As such it began to simply scan around the hundreds upon thousands of piles for much needed components.