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located in Scrapyard City, a part of The War After, one of the many universes on RPG.

Scrapyard City

A β€˜major’ city


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It had taken the better part of several days since her last stop, but Lynn finally approached the outskirts of Scrapyard City. The rusted hulk of the starship that housed it was visible from miles away. A conspicuous landmark that was both defensible and easy for traders to find. Just the right ingredients for creating one of the larger communities in the region. And with a population that sizeable, Lynn was hoping that she would find at least one person who could help with her particular... problem. Or at least someone who could point her in the right direction.

Pausing only to adjust the weight of her pack, she ventured forth into the settlement proper. A short chat with the guards on duty was enough to convince them she wasn't here to start any trouble, and so they let her pass.

Lynn cautiously made her way through an area that appeared to serve as a bazaar of sorts, taking in the sights and sounds of the so-called city as she kept an eye out for a machine shop. Scrapyard City wasn't much for looks, but then again there were very few places that were. Among the stalls that were set up, there were junk dealers aplenty, but nobody who dealt with devices of a more... elaborate nature. Perhaps in places other than the city's lower levels, she might have more luck...

...But then, a battle-scarred automaton drifted in, as casually as it could manage. A very large automaton. There were few present who had a mind to get in this machine's way, and those that did very quickly thought better of it. There was even a sigh of relief from one or two individuals when it became apparent that the automaton was simply doing nothing more than floating in place. For the time being, at least.

Lynn watched the war machine for a while, trying to work out what it was doing here and why. Perhaps its memory core held information that would be useful to her? Curiosity gripped her as her mind went wild with the possibilities. She took a step forward, readying her datapad.

One of the nearby scavengers took notice, urging her, β€œHey, don't go poking that thing! Who knows what it'll do?!” He kept his voice down as if the automaton would react to sound alone.

β€œThen I'll make sure to be careful,” came Lynn's calm reply. The man did not look fully convinced, but he made no further attempt to stop her either. Instead, he chose to put some distance between himself and her in case things went south.

With the automaton being so large, and no gantries available to physically reach its systems, it seemed that an attempt at wireless access was the only option. Assuming she could make a connection, Lynn's plan was to first find out what this automaton was currently doing and how likely it would start shooting up the place if she happened to try any serious meddling...