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Ethan watched Kai’s movements carefully. The therapist always seemed like he got a burst of energy when he wants to teach something. It was almost like saying ‘yes’ was a jumpstart to Kai’s energy reserved. Ethan didn’t mind. He actually enjoyed learning new things. The more he learned, the more stuff he could think about that did not involve his anxiety. At the moment, learning poker with his new friend was much better than the alternative. "My dad was always obsessed with poker, so he taught me when i was really young. His father taught him poker. Introducing him to the world of gambling early. That thought made him laugh a bit. ”I wasn’t taught any card games. I was taught how to eat a 5 course meal, properly.” Down to which napkin was used in which way. His parents always attended a lot of important dinners and, before his mental illness became debilitating, he attended them all. He picked up the cars the Kairo said were his and he stared at them, placing them in order from smallest to the largest. He had no idea what he was doing. "I promise to go easy on you." The smirk on his face, made his heart soar and he tried to fight the redness that flooded to his face. ”Umm wh-what do I do?” He asked, glancing back and forth between his cards and his therapist.