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She cracked out a laugh, snorting a bit as she did so. This was the first time she had actually out-right laughed since they had started, and it wasn't particularly the first thing that comes to mind when someone imagines a witch laughing... or the second. She then overheard the other hunters collecting a bounty on a wyvern.

"I've had it once, but I wouldn't recommend the flavor," she said, being rather impish as usual. "Do you think I'd make a good Wyvern? That could be fun," she continued, grinning. She then cleared her throat as they approached collection. "Oh... oh... but ah, the bounty, yes, the lycanthrope! You know, impressively, the killing blow was performed by Darren himself! I was mostly on guard for the battle. Not bad for a rookie, right? And guess what? Nobody was bitten! Aside from cows, but y'know, better cows that villagers, right?"