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located in Scrapyard City, a part of The War After, one of the many universes on RPG.

Scrapyard City

A ‘major’ city


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Rusted scrap...Regular scrap...Girders...Rusted Girders...Well this was not quite in the level of quality compared to the quartermaster and engineering bays back home...If they even existed anymore, they were probably the same quality here come to think of it...How unfortunate, and trying to forge this scrap to fix his armor was going to be a process without any engineering bay to refit it...Wait...There’s no paint...Of course, why would there be paint in piles of scrap? It’s not scrap it’s a combination of chemicals to make colors. It was also liquid and not made of metal.

Of course the wireless access would take a small bit to get through, but eventually the woman tapping into the machine would actually get through. Although if she has dabbled with machines before she would not even one stark difference compared to automated machines. This machine seemed to be running a different program, not artificial intelligence...It seemed humanlike. But she could hear the machines thoughts.

"I think I can find enough of the right parts to fix some minor holes in my armor...I can’t find any paint as much as it pains me I I’ll have to keep the weathered look for a little while longer. I’ll have to manually shape and adjust the scrap myself...Wait a second...If I do fix my armor the color is going to stand out! Darn! It’s like shouting to the enemy that I have weak points in my armor so they can just shoot that...New priority...Find paint...” Was what she could tell. For a massive machine, it certainly was peculiar about the small things. But otherwise no directive telling it to destroy everything in sight.