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located in Scrapyard City, a part of The War After, one of the many universes on RPG.

Scrapyard City

A ‘major’ city


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Character Portrait: Lynn Harper Character Portrait: Captain Invictus
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Eh...A voice?...How strange it was very was definitely like some sort of audio transition. Like a radio transition that’s right! But how strange...Only his allies could communicate unless someone or something was now accessing his system and therefor able to communicate with him! Thankfully this was not some sort of hacking attempt, he would have been alerted to a much more forceful attack like that. It would appear that someone was offering to repair his armor for a fee. Must have been an engineer nearby patching into his communications link. But payment...Right! He just needed to pull out his wallet and!...Wait...He had no wallet or money...That was a problem.

"It would be unusual to see my foes here anyways since all of our nations are beyond repair. However, I do require the need of engineering work done to my body. I am Captain Invictus, Commander Of the 224’th Wolf Brigade. As long as you are not coming at me with hostile intent then I am indeed able to trust you...Excuse the formalities, old habit never go away. Oh, and if you see a red skull flying around make sure you kick it!...It’s probably bad...But regardless, I have no means of payment for your services. I do not have my wallet on me.” The machine replied back. As it did it would seem like it was stopping its search to communicate with the voice.

It’s been awhile indeed since he used radio transmission! This was indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity no doubt!...Maybe not actually...Yeah, radios were never really amazing...But for now, he had contact with an unknown who seemed friendly enough...Friendly...That’s a foreign word for him...