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Year: 2019.
Location: Lower Manhattan, NYC.
“The new woman became known as a Flapper. Flappers were young women who abandoned the traditional Renaissance era values of their parents….” Amelie read aloud as she held a slightly worn history book on the 1920s in America with one hand, and twirled a thick strand of her hair with another.
“….the dress length usually stopped right below the knees. When dancing the skirts would allow for an occasional glimpse of the knee, which was considered scandalous just ten years ago.”
Amelie would let out a giggle at the thought of a skirt that hit just below the knee being scandalous. ”Oh dear, they would think women nowadays were pure demon sluts from hell! I mean just look at these legs, boy I’m such a skank….” she’d say sarcastically, laughing as she patted her own bare legs sticking out from her short red floral print Boho Summer dress.

Before she could continue reading a voice from downstairs would startle her into dropping her book.
“Sunnu!*” her grandmother yelled. ”Come here! I have the shopping list for you!”
Amelie would sigh softly to herself, a bit disappointed she had to stop reading her book. However, there wasn’t a wiff of disappointment in her tone when she responded back to her grandmother. ”Coming right down!”

After slipping on a pair of red high top converses, and grabbing her betty boop wallet and smartphone, Amelie would jog down the steps to meet her grandma at the Kitchen sink where she was washing a stack of plates.
”There you go sweetheart, there on the counter. Remember your grandpa only needs whole milk, not the Vitamin D - they switched the colors on the jugs around, I just don’t understand why they’d do such a thing.” the older woman lamented a bit, before kissing her granddaughter on the cheek.”I got it, no worries. Be back as soon as possible.”


Amelie had every intention of going to the grocery store, but first she wanted to stop by a local boutique to pick up an outfit she had seen on the shop’s website earlier that morning.

The style she was going for wasn’t current, so naturally it took her a while to find what she was after, but when she finally laid eyes on it Amelie was quite relieved - thrilled that the shop in Lower Manhattan had the outfit she saw on the website.
”Thank God it’s here…” she whispered to herself, before hurrying to try on the 1920’s inspired beaded nude sheer crepe flapper dress.

Thrilled with how the dress fit her, Amelie would quickly make her way out of the dressing room stalls and pick out bunch of pearl necklaces and a set of pearl earrings before rushing over to the checkout line, hoping to make it to the grocery store and back home to her Chinatown loft, before the sun began to set.


When Amelie reached her home with groceries in hand it was nearly 8pm, but though the sun was setting it was still rather hot in the city, so as she walked inside her grandparent’s loft she was noticeably exhausted. However, as much as she wanted to sit in the chair by the doorway for a brief rest, she’d quickly put the groceries down and run up to the second floor of the loft and into her room - wanting to hide the botique's shopping bag from her grandparents so they wouldn’t ask questions about what she bought.

Amelie tried to rush back down before her grandmother realized she was there, however as she reached the top of the stairs she’d spot her grandma walking towards the bags of groceries that she had left on the floor. ”Oh, there you are. Where did you go? You came in like a ghost, are things alright?”
”Y-yeah, I’m fine grandma, was just putting my phone and wallet back in my room...” Amelie said, somewhat stumbling on her words at first.
”I’m here now though, and I’ll put everything up!”

Amelie would grab the groceries and make her way into the Kitchen behind her Grandma. The two would talk softly as her grandfather slept in the downstairs Master Suite.
Her grandmother would make sure she was set for the night before kissing her on the cheek and wishing her a good night.

After eating a late dinner Amelie would make her way up to her room and lock the door. She’d remove her dress and undergarments before slipping into a baggy t-shirt and placing her long thick hair into a loose high ponytail.
Once comfortable the young woman would go over to her dresser and dig through the bottom drawer until she found what she was looking for.
”There you are! Come, I wanna test you out!”

Amelie would flounce down on her bed beside her sleeping cat - waking the feline and causing her to jump down.
She’d light-heartedly apologize to her fur baby before holding up the gadget and tools she had just pulled out of her dresser up to her face. She hadn’t thought of a name for the thing yet, but seeing as how it reminded her of a light saber from the Star Wars series Amelie had begun to call it just that - her “pure-light saber.”

”Okay, now with this new emitter I got I should be able to quadruple the intensity on the light blade!” Amelie said excitedly to herself, before unscrewing the 40″ retractable heavy grade light blade from it’s old emitter, and replacing it with the new hardier emitter she made herself from a mix of various emitter parts.

”There! I think I’ll call you…Lux!” she said, naming her light saber after her favorite light mage on her favorite video game. ”Now, lets try it out!”

Amelie would close her eyes and begin to focus, and within only several seconds of doing so her hands would become encased in a bright white glow, and her eyes would shoot open…revealing that her once brown eyes had gone almost completely white, and were glowing much like her hands.

As she looked around now the air was much more visible, she saw the magic-inclined energy particles floating around in the air, the flexibility and movement of the air became physically visible, and the tears in the very fabric of space and time were clearly identifiable, all things that others couldn’t see and would casually walk through and by every day of their lives.
This form that heightened her senses greatly with the aid of the light magic that runs in her blood was a form she had only perfected entering a few weeks earlier, thanks to her second family of sorts - those on Plethora, the underground forum she found over two months ago, the place where she first learned that time traveling, and magic, were not just the product of fables - but indeed real.

Amelie sighed for a moment as she didn’t immediately sense the tear in time that resided on her small bedroom balcony.
”Oh no, don’t tell me I repaired it TOO much the last time….” she thought to herself as she walked towards the balcony door. However, after reaching the door the small tear would glow visibly, causing Amelie great relief.
”Okay, now lets see if I can indeed smooth out the edges of a portal with this thing…”

Amelie would push the retractable light blade back down into it the emitter and the base it was attached to, and then pressed the button on the holder - causing the light blade to shoot back out. A grin would make it’s way to her face as she confirmed the retracting nature of the blade indeed worked.
She then turned the blade on and instantly clenched her eyes shut afterwards, having accidentally looked directly at the blade as it turned on.

The new emitter she created did it job, it made the blade 4x bright than the original emitter it came with. To avoid drawing attention to herself Amelie would walk out onto the balcony and quickly pull down a thick sun-curtain she had nailed to the roof above her balcony. The curtain would likely block most of the light, and what the young woman was about to do next.

Amelie held out her free hand towards the tear and touched it ever so slightly with the tips of her fingers - causing it to instantly split open into a baseball-sized portal.
The edges of the portal were rough and uneven, something Amelie had come to believe showed instability - the reason controlling how and where she landed in the past didn’t always go smoothly. She hoped that by mixing her own magic with the energy generated from the light blade, that she’d be able to more easily warp the space on the rim of the portal - smoothing out the edges and the portal as a whole, to make traveling through it a smoother process.
”Where to go, where to go….” Amelia wondered aloud. She wasn’t dressed to go anywhere public, but she was desperate to see if her new gadget worked.
After a few minutes of staring at the small portal in front of her Amelie would think back to the Dressing rooms at the boutique she was in earlier. She knew for a fact that no one was in any of the other stalls, and out of reckless curiosity she decided to travel back to the exact time she was in the dressing room trying on her new flapper dress.
”Okay, this won’t create a paradox, because I’m going to be in the next stall….” she whispered to herself as she turned Lux on again and gripped it tightly - allowing the magic that encased her hand to also wrap itself around the entirety of the light blade.
”….but even if I do mess up, and land in the same dressing room, it wouldn’t create a paradox, as long as I watched what I said - right? Yeah, totally.”

Amelie took a deep breath before again holding her free hand out towards the portal, this time the magic encasing it would pour out into and around the portal - the memory of the dressing room stalls from earlier flowing through her and into the portal.
Within seconds the portal grew from a baseball-sized hole in time to a portal taller enough for her to walk through, with a wavy distorted image of the dressing room stalls showing up inside it. Amelie would drop her free hand to her side before holding Lux out towards the portal. While making sure to never look directly at the light blade, Amelie would run it along the inside edges of the portal - delighted to see it indeed smoothing out the edges.

When done the whole portal had markedly smoother edges, and while the image of the dressing room stalls inside the portal was still wavy, the distortion was far less prominent.
Amelie retracted Lux’s blade and then closed her eyes once again.
”Okay, here we go, back to the dressing rooms…the last stall…on top of the bench…I can do this!”

After focusing for approximately thirty seconds Amelie would open her eyes, which had now gone back to their normal brown color, and walk into the portal.

The feeling of being sucked through time and space was oddly calming, and not as dramatically chaotic as science fiction movies made people think - allowing for a somewhat comfortable exit from the portal on the other side. However, no matter how hard she tried in the past, Amelie always found herself stumbling, or missing the mark of her targeted location by a bit, or even falling down, upon exiting the portal.
This time however, much to her relief, the portal not only opened up inside the dressing room stall she wanted, but directly above the bench she was aiming for, and as she walked out she’d drop down directly atop the bench without a single hiccup.
”Yes! It worked!!”

*"Sunnu" is "grand-daughter" in Chinese.