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located in Descendant Tower, a part of Descendant Academy, one of the many universes on RPG.

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xxxxxxxU L R I C HxxZ O D
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Of all the descendants it was Wren that was noticeably most grateful to be out of the line of fire. For someone who never took war or battles seriously and seemed to like bloodshed, she was the one scrambling over others and pushing them aside just to meet the safe territory first. She fell to all fours and began to sob. Ulrich froze and tilted his head, not sure he wanted to pass such an emotional wreck of a woman. It'd be like walking pass a grumpy Chihuahua, his ankles would be bitten and of course she chose to collapse right in the middle of everybody's path. And she still had his jacket. Ulrich took a deep breath and tried to avoid stepping over Wren, just in time to see Frankie had bolted to the doors.

Of course he was relieved as the others to be at the academy again. It had a sense of safety, despite it being so easily infiltrated before, but it felt like he could relax, not worry about kryptonite technology being used against him or being weak again and it must have mirrored others feelings. A slight smile passed his lips. At the academy he could gather his strength again and see his blonde beauty. No, it wasn't such a bad place but it never reached home.

He edged around the reunions slowly and scanned for his own woman to embrace but stopped when he overheard one descendant still on guard. "You'll forgive me for being suspicious, I hope. Who are you, and can anyone vouch for you?" Ulrich glanced back over his shoulder to see Petra had intercepted the three fellow prisoners' path. At least somebody was alert.

For a moment he waited for somebody with a better reputation to speak up, but it didn't come - at least not in a timely manner. Ulrich pursed his lips and huffed out having to step out of his comfort zone for others again. "I can," he joined Petra's side. "They had these beaten and bruised faces before we got to them, and they helped us escape hydra." His word probably wasn't worth a lot to her, but he had tried and that's all he could do. He bowed his head slightly to the new comers wishing them well and thanking them for the aid in one gesture, then left them to Petra's judgement. She didn't have to trust him to make the right call.

Ulrich continued to search for Gwen, but if he didn't find her soon, he'd happily take a hot shower instead.