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Be Gentle With Me
{ethan 'clark' alexander}

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Don't Break Me
Ethan’s focus was now devoted to playing this game. Now that he learned how to play, he wanted to be good at it. Especially if it is something that he is able to do with Kairo during their times together. He wasn’t very good at his poker face and he was truly hoping that this therapist did not notice. He tried his best to hide the cards, but at one point he fumbled them. And he spent way too much time trying to work out the possibilities in his head. When he thought he had a good hand it was all over his face. Ethan was so in his own head that he had completely forgotten to pay attention to Kai and attempt to call his bluff at certain points. "Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have taught you. You're catching on a little too quickly." That excited Ethan. He must have been winning at one point, but he couldn’t really tell. Ethan lost this first round, but he assumed that it was a close game.

He kept his eyes on Kairo as the cards were shuffled. He was wondering what he had done in a past life to end up in this situation. To end up needing therapy. To end up meeting Kario. To end up in his apartment which that Kai was not betrothed to him. Ethan wanted more than a friendship, but they weren’t even supposed to be as close as they were. "How bout it? One more?" ”Y-yes..” Anything to stay here just a little longer. It was the first time in a long time that his thoughts weren’t so loud. ”Don’t forget the food you were making?” He said, remembering that Kario was supposed to be making them both something to eat.