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Skye just smirked at Sterling's comment about how he was apparently feeling humble, instinctively pressing her mask against her skin to make sure it was in place. The dig about things going correctly didn't miss her, but she just gritted her teeth and made her way towards the front of the bank. The police were there, but they'd apparently been warned about the impending arrival of the heroes, because they stayed back and didn't as much as flinch as Skye held up three fingers to Sterling, counting them down before yanking the door open. Having gotten a glimpse of some of the offenders, Skye ducked behind a desk, closed her eyes, and started calling up the illusion. Something this big and detailed required some level of concentration.

Ollie hesitated for a moment at Theodore's question about if he'd seen anything else. The only things he could remember closely were the location of the hostages and the blood."No, nothing. It's all a little... hazy and confusing. It's not an exact science, god knows I wish it was." He explained as they made their way around to the back door. If anyone was capable of a big and suitably appropriate distraction, it was Skye and Sterling, so he knew they were at least covered on that front. The back door being left clear made him feel a little on edge, even if Theo seemed to think it was a good thing. Theo pulling the door off its hinges did make Ollie crack a grin.

They stepped into the hall, and Ollie instinctively pulled the knife from his belt. He glanced over his shoulder, still a little uneasy about the fact that the door had been left open. He didn't believe they'd be lucky enough to just get away with it being that easy. If they were smart enough to break in, were they really dumb enough to leave such a major entrance uncovered?