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Sibling Allocation Act Facility


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"You need to take them and get out of here." Ivy's voice betrayed her anxiety, but it didn't help Novak's feelings any. It took just enough of their willpower to tamp down the anger that threatened to spill over into words they knew they wouldn't mean, anger that hid their terror.

Vlad, of course, had no such self-control. Still prone as he was beneath Hanne, he pointed at Ivy, sparking off another squabble between them. Novak had no patience to listen to them, focusing instead on Specter. "I can see the outside... trees, darkness... rain, I think. We can get them off the grounds, hidden in the woods. That'll give her time to heal Vlad while we come back for Ivy and Hawke." He turned his attention to Hanne, hefting her into his arms.

That left Novak with Vlad. They knelt down beside him, trying to figure out how best to do this. "Put your arm around me," they directed, ducking down so Vlad could place his arm around their shoulders. Novak's other arm went around his waist, and like this they both got to their feet. Trying not to jostle Vlad - Novak had no idea how much Hanne had managed to heal - they raised their free arm, the air shuddered and pulled apart, and a portal presented itself to them. "You go first." Novak nodded at Specter, waving him through, waiting until he and Hanne had moved through the entrance.

Just before going through themselves, Novak paused and turned to Ivy. "Ivy? Don't take too long. We'll be waiting," they promised. Still supporting Vlad's weight, they stepped through, and behind them the portal sealed itself shut.

Hawke had paid no attention to the disappearance of most of their party, preoccupied with his single-minded desire to beat the daylights out of the guard who had been unlucky enough to be the last one to go after them. He had already stopped breathing, lying unmoving under Hawke's weight, but he didn't care, just continued pummeling his face, until a pair of arms hooked under his and yanked him backwards. It took a moment for Hawke to come back to himself, twisting in Ivy's grip until he realised it was just her, speaking in his ear.

They remained in that position on the cold floor for a minute. All Hawke could hear was his laboured breathing and the beating of his heart in his ears, his fury ebbing away as he realised what he'd just done. "Vlad... is he okay?" He tried to look around, to assure himself that everyone was fine.

"Vlad'll be fine, I promise. Novak and Specter will get him and Hanne out of here... And she'll take good care of him. But I'm going to need your help if we're going to survive until they can come back for us."

At least the others were safe. Hawke couldn't get mad at them for leaving first, it only made sense. He grabbed Ivy's hand, pulling himself to his feet. "Okay. As long as we're still here we can lead them around a bit."

He was content to follow Ivy's lead as she went zigzagging through the corridors, tracing a long and winding path through the facility. The more he saw, the more Hawke realised there was a real reason Ivy had never been able to make it far on her previous escape attempts; the corridors were built that way, to confuse anyone who didn't know exactly where they were going. Novak and Specter were lucky enough to be able to bypass this with their abilities. Determined to play his part, Hawke kept his mind as open as he could, looking out for any guards that could be near them. Whatever Ivy was doing, it was working - guards would pass them, but take a wrong turn, confused about their actual location.

Hawke himself had gotten somewhat confused during the process, realising where they were only when Ivy led him past the bodies and into the utility closet they had passed earlier. "We're in the clear for now." He sagged back against the wall at her words, nodding in relief. For now. It wouldn't do to get too comfortable, the two of them still had to make it outside... but for now they could stop, could take a moment to breathe.

"Do me a favour?" Ivy's voice was soft, prompting Hawke to look directly at her. "What?" he whispered back.

"Close your eyes." He honestly didn't want to - it made him feel vulnerable - but she had said they were in the clear. And he trusted her to look after him. So he closed his eyes, tilting his face down in her direction. Something brushed against his face, and settled against his skin - hands. "I can only imagine how hard this is... on your mind. Just focus on my thoughts... It is just us right now. Let your mind rest and recover while it can."

Tense as he was, it took a moment for Hawke to relax, bringing his mind's focus back to himself and the space around him. The presence of other minds faded away, and he settled his internal focus on Ivy's mind and the thoughts she was trying to project. His breathing slowed, and the tension in his brain faded away until it was just the two of them.

Outside the facility, the other four were having no less exciting a time. Novak had positioned the exit portal just right, and the moment they stepped through it they were soaked, the rain outside seeping into their hair and clothes. Novak put no attention into marvelling the outside, only squinting through the rain to try to see if they were safe. "This way," they called to Specter, heading further out into the trees. He had been right about the woods, which got denser the further out they moved. They couldn't tell how far from the facility they were, but it would buy them some time.

Soon they moved into a small copse of trees, packed tightly together enough to block some of the rain coming down. Novak steered Vlad towards the base of one of the trees, lowering him down to sit in the cradle of its roots. "I know it's not comfortable. Just try to put up with it for a while," they murmured to him. "How's Hanne looking?" This was directed at Specter, who was still holding the blonde.

No answer was needed, as Hanne groaned and began to stir, evidently roused by the rain. "I - ow, what happened?" She struggled to her feet, took one look around, and began to panic. "We're... outside? Is this outside? I shouldn't have - none of us have been this far - this is insane..."

Novak cut her panic off, taking hold of her shoulders and giving her a hard shake. "Focus! We're outside, yes, but Ivy and Hawke are still inside and we need to help them. You stay here with Vlad, and we'll be back soon. Don't go anywhere and don't make a sound. Okay?" When Hanne didn't reply immediately, they gripped her tighter and leaned in. "Okay?!"

Hanne managed a weak nod. "Okay. I'll stay here, with Vlad." She seemed to more or less have forgiven their enmity, and sat down on a root beside him, trying to recall where she had stopped with healing him. "Just give me a moment to fix my head and I'll be with you," she said quietly to him, her hands already moving to find the spot where the guard had struck her.

That was one thing settled. Novak let go of Hanne, and turned to Specter. "I'm going to take us right back to where we left from. Keep an eye out for anyone moving towards us." This time the portal didn't take long to move through - a quick jump and they were back in the corridor, surrounded by fallen guards. But no sight of Ivy or Hawke. Novak glanced around, frustrated. "Where are they?"