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located in The Rockaverse, a part of Lords of Rock, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Rockaverse

The Land of Plenty


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"This tower sits inside the sinkhole," Otis noted, looking about the tower. "It must be on top of a geyser formation. That would explain the steam..." He covered his nose and winced. "And the smell."

Indeed, the tower stunk like rotten eggs. Otis looked about, wondering at how abandoned the place seemed.

"Tell me, Ms. Dward," Otis said politely, "is this truly the tower the Witch dwells in? It looks... well, empty."

Eimln said nothing as she looked around apprehensively for a moment, then spoke again quietly. "I have never been inside. I have only seen Divon coming and going here... many times."