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located in The Dolrion Woods, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Dolrion Woods

It is rumored that a lot of supernatural phenomenon can occur deep within its depths, and many legends and tales and spurred from this place. However, it is also popularly used by people for other normal Origin activities.


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Character Portrait: Lady Vitas Warmoon Character Portrait: Lady Spike Character Portrait: Aldric Von Hardt
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The true personality on his throne opened its eyes, and revealed empty sockets as Vitas approached. Howver she didnt stop, and as she grew closer. The Magic Eye appeared once more, presenting one last push against her. Still she persisted, and finally, as she awoke the personality, the Emerald Eye in the remaining socket opened.

And the world fell away.

"I feel... lost. I've been sleeping for far too long... ever since the eye took hold." He answered. His voice had a thick Germanic accent, and was gruff and deep. The type of voice many women fantasize about in their teenage years.

"But you have woken me up... and put the children to sleep... at least for now." He added. "I am Aldric as he was before The Eye split my emotions into individual personalities. I am the Gaulic War Chief who stole the Eye from the witch, and whi slaughtered the Wolf Pack she sent after me. I am Aldric Von Hardt of Gaul. The War Chief that the Romans couldnt bring to heel." He introduced himself, fully and finally.

"I am the Aldric you seek at the end of your games with the children." His eye twitched, and Amber swirled in the Emerald Iris. "I do not have much time. The Eye is already waking them up, and they are fighting for control again."

The Magic Eye glowed Crimson, the Iris shifting and becoming a pentagram, and then a hexagram, and so on and so forth. An intricate magic circle formed, flashed twice, and returned to a regular Crimson Iris.

"Bring this body with you while i am still in control. You'll find less resistance before the meek one takes control again."

Finally, Aldric looked to Spike, blinking slowly. "The Vulgar Child likes you. He likes you a lot." He said with a smirk. He looked back to Vitas. "The Meek one trusts you, and harbors... oh my. Lets say he likes you as well. Perhaps you can use it to your advantage before putting him and the other children to sleep."

His eyes twitched again, and he grunted. "Not much time left. Take me home." He held out a hand, the other going to cover the magic eye in plain.