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Year: 2019.
Location: Chinatown, NYC.
Time: Late Morning - Early Afternoon.
Amelie quickly covered her mouth, hoping her excited outburst went unheard.
”I can’t believe it worked! Wait, what am I saying, of course it worked - I’m a genius!”
Amelie would dramatically flip her ponytail over her shoulder with one of her hands after her “genius” remark - promptly slamming said hand against the wall.
”Ow ow ow, okay, maybe I’m not a TOTAL genius.”

The temptation to visit herself in the past was hard to resist, however when she heard one of the workers knock on her past-self’s stall she’d remember that the woman’s next stop was the supposedly empty stall she was in.
”Shit!” she thought, before closing her eyes. As she entered her state of heightened senses, Amelie would levitate herself to be in line with the portal that was still open.
Her eyes would shoot open as soon as the knob began to turn on her stall.The ridges of the portal had become jagged again, however she didn’t have time to smooth them out, and would quickly fall backwards into the portal.


Upon exiting the portal Amelie would fall hard onto the railing of her balcony, and roll off the side of the railing facing the road below. Reacting quickly she’d grab a hold of the railing before falling to the ground.
”Shit shit shit!” she proclaimed aloud.
Teleporting short distances and levitation were two things Amelie had been working on in the past month, however even though teleporting into her room would have been an easy fix to her current dilemma she couldn't risk anyone from the numerous units across the street seeing her do such a thing. Instead she’d throw Lux over the railing onto the balcony chair and with her now free hand push the balcony curtain out of the way so she could more easily grip the railing and begin to pull herself up and over it.
Once safely on the right side of the railing again the frightened young woman would fall to her balcony mat completely out of breath, tears unconsciously falling out of her eyes.

Her grandparents premium 2-story loft was on the top of their 4-story building - with the second floor of their loft technically being the fifth story. Amelie knew if she would have fallen from her second floor balcony she could have gravely injured herself at best, and died at worst.
Her nerves were shot, and even though she only had a thin t-shirt on Amelie would stay curled up on her balcony for several minutes before it occurred to her that the portal had never been closed.
She’d slowly stand to her feet and wipe the tears from her eyes before holding her hand out towards the portal. Her eyes were glowing white, seeing as how she had never left her heightened state, and only after her magic sealed the portal back up would she close her eyes and return to her normal state of being.

As she made her way back inside Amelie would pick Lux up from her balcony chair, casually inspecting it as she shut and locked her balcony door behind her.
”Thank god you landed on that chair” she whispered as she flopped down on her bed and pressed the button that caused Lux’s light blade to shoot out of it’s base.
After confirming that the blade was free of any cracks Amelie would retract the blade back into it’s base and roll it under her bed before reaching over to the night stand, turning off her lamp, and then falling back onto her bed.

Amelie would spend nearly half an hour staring out the window on the other side of her room. The night sky was clear, the stars fully visible, and she’d become hypnotized at the view in a way, as she mentally recalled what had just happened to her.
”I can’t be that careless again. I can’t return through a portal that has jagged edges in such a rush…I didn’t even try to control my exit, and it nearly cost me my life…that was so stupid! ”

The potential for creating a paradox was far from Amelie’s mind as she began to drift to sleep, she was far more worried about fully mastering portals. Her failure to exit the portal properly was forefront in her mind, not the fact that she chose a bad moment to go back in time to.


”Sunnu!” Amelie would hear off in the distance through the fog. It wasn’t until her grandmother pounded on the door that she’d awake fully and her grandmother’s voice would become much louder.
”Sunnu! Wake up and unlock this door!”
”I’m coming, hold on…” she’d call back as she rolled out of bed and stammered over towards the door, which once opened became Amelie’s leaning board as her grandma immediately lit into her.
”You know I no like when you leave door locked overnight! Why was door locked? And why you don’t have a bra on? Your nipples are all out there!”
Amelie’s cheeks became flush as her grandma poked her in the chest.
”Grandma!!” she whined back, much like a child would. ”I was sleeping! Who sleeps with a bra on?”
Her grandmother would look at her slightly cross for a few seconds before the expression on her face relaxed.
”Yeah yeah, okay. Well breakfast is ready, come eat and be social with your grandfather. His cold is still bad, so I made green tea not coffee.”
”I’ll be right down.”
Her grandmother would begin to walk down the staircase, but stopped only after taking a few steps, yelling back towards Amelie as she closed her bedroom door.
”And put a bra on before you come down!”

Sighing as she flounced down on her bed Amelie would shake her head and smirk softly to herself. ”She can be so embarrassing sometimes, I swear!”

After putting on her undergarments Amelie would stare at herself in the mirror for a few moments and then pull her hair out of it’s messy pony tail so she could brush it.
As she went over the memories of last night and her time at the boutique she’d remember an odd conversation with the cashier, about a police officer coming in and questioning her.
This was a conversation she was seemingly remembering for the first time, and as she brushed her hair she couldn’t help but replay the memory in her mind - questioning why it felt so fresh to her.
After her arm grew tired from the repetitive brushing Amelie would drop the brush on top of her dresser and her thoughts would shift from the boutique to what she was going to wear.
She’d eventually settle on a matching navy blue leggings and tank-top set, and slip on a pair of white ankle socks.
After grabbing her phone she’d leave her room and head downstairs.

Amelie spent the next hour eating breakfast and talking with her grandparents - occasionally butting in as her grandmother lectured her grandfather about their plans for the weekend.
It was a Saturday and the couple eventually decided to take a weekend trip up to The Hamptons to visit close family friends. Amelie questioned whether or not her grandfather was healthy enough for a three day trip, but he’d quickly shoot down any insistence that he couldn’t handle it.
”It’s just a three hour train ride, under two if we take the express.” he’d say, ”I just have a cold, not the plague you know!”
Amelie playfully rolled her eyes at her grandpa before picking her bowl up from the kitchen bar and walking towards the sink.
”Fine, okay, at least let me help you pack?”

After spending over an hour helping her grandpa pack up a suitcase, Amelie would call an uber for her grandparents as they got dressed.

The next half hour flew by, and next thing she knew Amelie was kissing her grandparents goodbye at the front door.
”Sunnu, you no have parties while we’re away, okay? No parties, and no crazy things okay?” her grandmother said with a smirk.
”Oh yes, me, the girl with no friends and no life, I’d totally throw a massive party while you’re away - and break all your precious china!”
The two would go back and forth light-heartedly as Amelie wheeled her grandparents bags out to the Uber and kissed them goodbye once again.
”Have fun!”
She’d wait until her grandparents were settled in their car and pulled off before she turned around and made her way back up to their fourth story loft.

”What to do…what to do….” Amelie said aloud as she walked into the now empty loft and locked the door behind her.
It wouldn’t take long for her thoughts to drift back to the events of last night ”I should really tell Irealia”
Amelie thought, before walking over towards her phone.
She’d quickly unlock her phone and begin to text the creator of the dark web forum Plethora, who had become not only a friend, but a mentor, in the recent months;

”Irealia, are you awake? I could really use a friendly ear. I had a close call last night - but I also figured something out! Msg me back when you can <3”

After pressing ’Send’ Amelie would drop her phone on the coffee table, snuggle with one of the pillows on the couch, and turn the TV on. She’d only make it through five minutes or so of the ID show she had on before she’d sense a disturbance in the air around her. She didn’t think too much of it - chopping it up to the air conditioner, and went about watching the television….that is until a hand touched her shoulder, causing her to scream.
”Amelie, dear, you’ve got to get better about detecting disturbances in the space around you.” Irealia joked, before closing the teleportation gateway she had traveled through and flouncing down on the love seat beside the couch. As Amelie caught her breath the tall slim thirty two year old Texan ginger sitting to her right couldn’t help but laugh.
”I really scared you, didn’t I?”
”Yes! Yes you did!” Amelie responded quite loudly, before sitting up straight. ”And for the record I have gotten a lot better about noticing disturbances in the space around me, I just sometimes have a hard time distinguishing teleportation gateways from portals - okay?”
Her defensiveness made that white lie of hers all too obvious, but instead of teasing her further Irealia just nodded.
”So, what’s this close call that you experienced?” she’d ask, while leaning down to the candy bowl on the coffee table - pulling out a few starburst as she waited for a response.

Amelie would sigh and think for a moment, before telling Irealia everything that happened, from Lux to nearly falling off her balcony.
The two would talk for nearly half an hour before Amelie would casually bring up having a new memory - something that seemed to alarm Irealia more than it did her.
”Wait, this new memory was of a cop? Questioning the boutique cashier you say?”
Amelie would crinkle her nose up a bit, unsure of why this was even a big deal.
”Uhh, yeah…the cashier told me some story about an officer looking for strange people in the shop? I mean, I’m sure it happened the first time. I just didn’t remember properly.”
”Are you sure?”
”I mean, I think? It’s not a big deal Irealia, me falling off the balcony should be more shocking than that!”
”I guess so..I mean, of course.”
Irealia would sit quietly, deep in thought, as Amelie rambled on for a few more minutes. She’d eventually interrupt her young friend and ask to see Lux.
”Oh sure, one second - I’ll go get her!”

*"Sunnu" is "grand-daughter" in Chinese.