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【 dialogue: #003366 | outfit 】
Oh I hope someday
I'll make it out of here.
Even if it takes all night
or a hundred years.
Need a place to hide
but I can't find one near.
Wanna feel the life outside
I can't fight my fear.

For a brief moment, while the two locked eyes, River was convinced his heart was going to jump out of his throat and not for the reasons it normally would. Thankfully, Theo broke the silence as well as the eye contact as he looked out the window. River quickly lowered his gaze to his hands, every inch of his body shaking from both the cold and the nerves. He had absolutely no idea where they were going. Theo wasn’t being very specific and Rin was afraid to ask. He kept quiet and still in his seat, every bump in the road causing his face to scrunch up out of pain, until eventually Theo announced that they’d reached their destination. Whatever that was.

The two boys got themselves off the bus, and as River watched it drive away, anxiety hit him like a dump truck. Now he really was lost with absolutely no idea how they got there or how to get back. Not that he could go least not for the night. River’s eyes scanned the small house across the street and Theo led them both to it. The moment they stepped inside, there was a girl staring back at them. River could feel his pulse in his neck veins and couldn’t manage to say a word. Luckily, he didn’t have to. The girl spoke of getting towels and as soon as she left, Theo revealed her to be his sister. River could see the resemblance, but their personalities suffered greatly.

He habitable wrapped his hands around himself while he avoided looking around too much. He didn’t want Theo to think he was judging their home. Quite the contrary. Though much, much smaller than actually felt like a home rather than a large space filled with furniture and strangers. ”Um- T-Theo…?” his voice still threatened to give out each time he spoke, so he thought it best to keep his phrases simple and to the point. ”Thank you...f-for helping me. But um- why?” he swallowed a small lump that had formed in the back of his throat as he slowly lifted his gaze to the taller boy. ”I mean, you just met me and…” just like before, any and all words he wanted to say slowly vanished into nothing the moment their eyes met again. Somehow, time seemed to slow down into a crawl and everything around them became static.

River was dying from nerves, that much was obvious, but he’d never felt anything quite like this. The longer Theo looked back st him the more River could feel his heart rate escalate. There was an odd feeling in the pit of his stomach. Not quite bad, but not exactly good either, at least Rin didn’t think it to be. It almost felt as if someone had opened a can of fireflies in his stomach. He was only able to look away from Theo when his sister walked herself back in with a couple of towels.

River graciously took it into his hands and managed to give her a genuine smile. Probably the first time he’d smiled that day. When he was younger, his older sister used to refer to River’s dimples as β€œholes of happiness” because they shined the brightest when his smiles were wide and genuine. The one he gave Theo’s sister wasn’t quite that wide, but it was genuine enough. ”Thank you.”. He wrapped the towel around his shoulders, hoping to get some warmth out of it. He had no change of clothes or shoes and he was convinced he’d wake up sick the following morning. But at the very least he hoped he was safe even if just for one night.