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Kairo Choi

Location ✧ Kairo's studio apartment
Outfit ✧ Here
Dialogue ✧ 400E15
Kairo knew better than to prolong what he already shouldn’t have done. He knew better than to let himself get attached to Ethan. He knew better yet he continued to do it because something about the way Ethan stared at his cards in utter confusion was very endearing. Something about the way he stuttered just a little when he was nervous made Kairo smile in affection. Kia was supposed to be the therapist, but spending time with Ethan eased his mind, There was no part of him that wanted to keep the distance he knew should be kept.

”Should be ready in a few minutes.” he said in response to Ethan’s comment about the food. His hands took the deck of cards and began to shuffle, but his eyes were elsewhere. His gaze followed Ethan’s movements to ensure his comfort, at least that’s what the therapist continued to tell himself. Once the cards were handed out again, the game began. This time Kairo didn’t bother to pretend to lose. Firstly, because it would be too obvious and Ethan was smart enough to catch on. Secondly, because his mind was occupied with thoughts he shouldn’t have been thinking.

In the end, Kairo won again though this time by pure coincidence. He certainly hadn’t been paying enough attention to the game that if Ethan had just a bit more experience under his belt he would have won. ”I’m sorry I guess practice does make perfect, though you had me worried for a second there.” Kairo chuckled softly as he collected the cards. There was a moment of silence between the two and the therapist swore he felt his heart skip a beat, but he quickly moved past it and got to his feet. ”Okay, food should be ready now. Let’s dig in!” He moved from the couch to the small kitchen, signaling for Ethan to follow, and hoped the food would take his mind off of things it wasn’t supposed to be on.