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Image Image Image H A R L E Y x W I L L I A M S
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Harley dropped down next to Anastasia, she hadn't stirred much during the escape but she did drowsily lift her head to look at her surrounds, in the safety of the van, which was travelling to God only knows were and Harley suddenly wondered, if the people who had saved him were really much better than their own kidnappers... After all, both parties didn't seem to mind killing, not that he could judge after melting half a dozen men, but that was an accident, his rescuers killed on purpose, some of them even seemed to enjoy it. Harley's mind raced as such for the rest of the journey, he reached out for the nearest comfort and that was Anastasia, he wrapped his arm around her and let her head rest on his shoulder. Eventually, he drifted off to sleep, exhausted from everything, it felt like the first proper sleep he'd had since being taken.

The van stopped rather sharply and the red-headed woman slammed the wall of the van, the noise waking Harley from his sleep.
"What in the hell is going on?" Harley lifted his head to look at her, but she was shoving past the others to get out of the van as if she saw something. Harley gave Anastasia a slight shake, cautiously checking her pulse just to make sure she wasn't dead.
"I think we're here... Wherever here is." He helped Anastasia up and got her out of the van, he looked at the behemoth of a tower that stood before them. His father had mentioned the Descendant's initiative to him before, in passing, but he didn't believe it was real. He looked at the others who seemed to just wander into the building before following after them, albeit slightly slower due to Anastasia's weakened state.

Before he could enter the building, another red-headed woman, different from the one who saved them stepped in his way.
"You'll forgive me for being suspicious, I hope. Who are you, and can anyone vouch for you?" Harley's eyebrows knotted in anger, all three of the newcomers had just been tortured, beaten and experimented on and brought here against their own will. They were civilians caught up in their world, not threats to it, but thankfully before Harley could say as much, the dark-haired man he'd seemingly pissed off before stepped in.
"I can. They had these beaten and bruised faces before we got to them, and they helped us escape hydra." Harley thanked him with a nod before looking at the red-head.
"We were kidnapped by whoever those people were and experimented on, even tortured." Harley restrained himself from getting hysterical. "Now I have powers that melt people! I'm a nurse! Not some freak that melts people's faces off!" He wasn't very successful at restraining himself.

Image Image Image G W E N x Q U E E N-L A N C E
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Gwen doesn't remember how, but at some point, she made it back to her apartment and changed into some lingerie that was in no way comfortable. Her head was fuzzy but she wasn't hungover, she could at least say that Jensen won their drinking game for sure. Before Gwen could gather herself, J.A.R.V.I.S rang throughout her apartment.
"This is not a drill. Approaching foreign vehicle. All hands to the main floor." Fuzzy headed or not, Gwen leapt toward her wardrobe, grabbing her signature leather jacket, which she pulled on with ease, she thanked all the gods that she'd been wearing a full bodice and not just some revealing bra and thong. She grabbed her sonic amplifier and put it around her neck, as she put her boots on she could see the van from her window driving down the road. Gwen ran for the lift, the lift seemed to move even faster during emergency situations and Gwen felt as if she was been hurled down to the main floor, but that could have been the alcohol that her metabolism had yet to flush from her system.

"Oh m’god… Ets Frankie!" Gwen joined the others guarding the lobby, just as Ross announced who was driving the van. She looked up at the blonde figure stumbling through the lobby doors before anyone else could react Riley shoved past the crowd and dashed over to her, the mentors shouting instruction for him to come back until it's safe. Petra soon joined him past the defence line, but she went straight out the door and rounded the corner. Gwen followed after her.

The cool morning breeze hit her as she exited the building, Petra was standing in front of 3 unfamiliar faces, given what had happened within the past 24 hours, she understood but the 3 stood in front of her looked to be in worse states than anybody else. Just as Gwen was going to come to their defence, a familiar face pulled up next to Petra and did it for her.
"Ulrich!" Gwen ran at him and when she collided with him, her arms reached around him pulled him in tight. "Are you okay? They didn't use kryptonite on you, did they? Are you hurt anywhere?" The guilt Gwen felt for not putting 2 and 2 together and recognising that Ulrich had been taken with the others, only made her hold him tighter.