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located in The Spicy Jackal, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Spicy Jackal

One of the finest Taverns in all of Ebozon! Grab a bit to eat, a swig of beer, and pass out in a cosy candle lit room lined with wooden floor boards.


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He leaned onto the balustrade, on the upper level. His seat nearby, but he had no need for it. Not yet.
Waiting, was what he did for the time being, in a tavern, that he would avoid in any other circumstances. What's the name, that the tavern goes by?
Spicy Jackal, the finest tavern in the world! - His friends used to say, when they were alive that is. Now this place reeks of memories, ones that he'd love to burry under the sea.
Nonetheless he had a good reason to be here, well, fine - as good as it could be. Someone wanted information, about the Troll tribes, that someone intended to pay well, and money... money he could really use right now.
It's embarrassing when he thinks about it, but an old captain like him can barely buy a drink, let alone get something to eat. So yeah, sticky situation. Cause death from starvation is worse, than dying to a sword, spear or whaterver else they throw at you in midst of a battle.
Putting that aside, the employer as he will call him, or she said in the letter to look for the "weird guy".
Well, lower level was full of the weird guys. - The one eyed raving Jack, with one eye missing and a hook for a right hand, that's one. Shady looking trader in the back, that's two, but he's the usual here, or at least he seems to be with the amount of exchanges he did today - was it three, or five times that Gaveth saw people handing him silver in exchange for... stolen goods? Nevermind.
Then there is that weird woman in the corner, in the back of the tavern, she's completely unaware, that this kind of a spot is the worst place if you want to stay incognito. Still, judging by the rag-tag clothes she wears... definitely a weirdo, but not a "guy" - if that part is important.
And there's... hell, weird guy is the worst description he could've gotten. What now? Staring contest? Worst case he'll get out of this with not- shit, what is this!?
All of a sudden a guy clad in full armor, that seen better days, entered the tavern. He had to be five... no six feet tall, while his companion was far shorter.
Shortie, he thought and chuckled, while staring at the two.

"Well, look at that ladies and gentlemen, guess we got a winner." He thought, because there could be no more fitting person, than that guy.
Besides they just looked around, that gives away just about everything.
Gaveth waited for their glare, and just as they turned into the direction of an upper level... he raised his hand, and waved.

"Good, they saw it, and... are going up." - he muttered to himself. It was time to take a seat, and he had just the right table few steps away from the balustrade. He sat, and waited.
Weird thing is... people moved away as these two made their way to him. He couldn't see the eyes, cause helmet, and the other had a mask. But man, there's something cold about them.
They stopped in front of the table, near the chairs.
Gaveth had to speak, with a smile:
"Go on, take a seat. I don't bite."
Masked one sat, while the other stood still, and it felt like he had pierced Gaveth with his eyes, even though he couldn't see his eyes. Talk about creepy.
"You know about the Troll tribes?" – Masked one asked, and Gaveth simply nod.
Now the big guy sat, shit. Do I speak with the masked one or the big guy?
"So you two are keen on learning about the trolls, huh?" – he asked, that should clear up who's interested, and who's just accompanying the other.
"No, you just waved at us, and I've been curious what such a sack of meat would like with us."
Wait, wait, what? Did he just catch the wrong pe-no, they wouldn't ask about the trolls. They are fooling around.
Suddenly Gaveth felt a chill down his spine.
"Wait, did you just said a sack of meat?"