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"An invitation to the Cultural Festival..? But I thought you were al-" Izumi waved an errant hand in front of her face as if to dismiss the notion. The dojo was in full swing with students and one her junior instructors was reading a letter that had recently arrived, explaining why Izumi couldnt lead the class for the day. "Which is why you're here on your day off! With a grin, the girl thumbed her nose and left her junior to the class, heading to the back to change.

Before graduating, Izumi had been captain of the Aikido club at the school and it wouldn't be surprising for that to come up while at the festival... That being said, she wasn't exactly headed there looking for trouble, only to see some of her juniors and enjoy their company. Before taking leave of the dojo, she swapped out her gi for a sensible blouse and dressy black slacks. Slightly pointed black shoes with a slight heel would prove effective enough in any incident without hindering her mobility. With a twirl, the young lady admired the way the elegance the blouse lent her, and started towards the Cultural Festival.

A grumbling stomach signaled she was nearing the school, the smell of festival treats permeating the air as Izumi got nearer. "So wonderful...!" The food was excuse enough to come to the festival, let alone the inviation she'd recieved... However, the last time she'd come, some of her Juniors in the Aikido club had tried to tackle her in their excitement. Needless to say, that wouldn't have ended well and Izumi was forced to take some less than practical measures...

Izumi's face grew hot at the thought of last year's festival where she had been forced to climb a tree in a dress due to some boys chasing her. The crowd sure had a lot to say about her choice of underwear..! Calm! I am calm... Everything will be fine this time..!

The School's gates came into view, and the flustered visitor began to scan the crowd for potential problems. Her eyes lingered on... "Oh..." With a grin and a wave, Izumu called out to the Blonde Middle Schooler, "Hey! Kira-kun!" Before she deftly began weaving her way towards Kira, a fellow member of the Sohma family