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The Spicy Jackal

One of the finest Taverns in all of Ebozon! Grab a bit to eat, a swig of beer, and pass out in a cosy candle lit room lined with wooden floor boards.


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Soon Gaveth, and his... companions as he now had to call them, got their drinks. Served by a good looking, and most of all busty farm girl, with ginger hair.
He took a sip of his drink, and winced. It was a ginger ale, of fucking course it had to be - ginger hair, and ginger ale. What an irony. Especially since he hates it, but to hell with it, he missed a drink for a long time.
He drank like a child drinking mother's milk, all while staring at the two, and the woman to a degree. Busty she was, but not as busty, as his queenie was.
Strangely enough, the two didn't even bother to move, nor look at the woman. Definitely there's something wrong with them, especially that big guy - how can he not enjoy the company of a woman? Just how?
Oh, right, he's dead. Still, dead shouldn't exactly mean he can't... right? Wait, what am I even thinking? - Gaveth choked on the ale. He had to reassure the woman, that he's fine for few times, before she would leave them, after the unfortunate small... accident with ale.
I hate ale, he thought, and sighed. Then carefully examined the smaller one.
Careful examination of the posture, build... could tell a lot, for example, that it was a woman after all. How he exactly knew, with all that traveler's clothes on her, well. Best left as a secret - but the gist of it involves elven women, and a joke.
Time to focus on that face of hers, or rather an old mask with tribal markings, cuts, and signs. All for the sake of a right appearence, a way to recognize to which tribe wearer belongs to, and some... other things tribes tend to do. - Niv really liked that sort of thing, now that he thinks about it...
"Are you done?" – Cold voice brought him back to reality, to the masked one, cause that's the only talkative one so far.
"Done drinking? Not a chance. Haven't had an ale, let alone a good beer in a long time."
Obviously... he'd rather drink something stronger, but beggars can't be choosers.
"No, are you done checking me out?"
"I... – he hesitated –... I would never do such a thing to my employer." – Well, but he just did. Though he doubts there's something interesting underneath, probably just bones, so it's good to see "her" in clothes.
"This is tiring..." – the masked one raised right hand for the first time, and tried to reach own forehead, obviously that would only end in touching the upper part of mask.
"Speak, or we're done."
"Yeah, well, little princess.. I would certainly speak, if I were aware of what you want to know, and... knowledge has a price."
It's hard to tell, whether the little princess part pissed her off, but he'd say yes. Her next words confirmed it.
"Say that again, and you'll be nothing more than a sack of bones!"– She hissed, catching attention of few patrons, well, more than he would hope for. - It's always bad to catch attention.
"Settle down, young one – He said, grinning, for some strange reason he enjoyed pissing her off - even if it meant death by the hands of that big guy sitting beside her.
Still, that armor has to weight a bit, how can you not move at all? - he thought.
"Tell me what you need, and I will tell you what I know, for a price." – Gaveth repeated, clearly now.
A short silence came, before she asked:
"What price?"
Oh, oh sweet maker no! Not another weirdo, that doesn't know they need to pay for information! Oh, come on! - Thought never said, but straining his mind.
"Coins, silver, gold, or copper. The most common type of money in these land, well, kingdom. Some kingdoms have different type of" - he was cut off, due to her putting on a table a type of coin, he had not seen in years.
"That's a coin from Veneria..." – he said lightly.
Kingdom, from which his second in command came, kingdom full of prosperity, and one of the first to fall. Coins such as the one he sees are rare, but worthless in current economy. Even if he were to find a buyer, it would take time, and that's the thing he lacks the most.
"Rare, but worthless."
"It's a currency, money."
"Correct, but long lost, can't use it to buy food, a night in this tavern, or any other. It's worthless, unless you find a collector." Or... reach one of the more prominent kingdoms, that could melt it, and use the materials.
"So, it has worth." – She's still pushing, understandable. But he won't, he simply won't accept it.
"No, not to me, I don't have time to travel."
Silence again, she got up, he had a feeling she's bit resigned - well, she looked like it, but it's hard to tell. Or maybe she's just totally pissed off.
"If you're so keen on getting information out of me, you could just do a quest from the board with me." – He said just in time, just when she turned with her companion to leave.
"A board?" – She asked, caught just like a fish.
"Yeah, on the lower level, there's a board that adventurers most of the time use, with quests to do. You know, like a jobs for people that are willing to risk their life."
"Why..." – she turned, intended to ask why it even existed, he's sure of it. But she never finished.
Why? Why does it exist? Good question, one, that he has no answer for. It's probably a case of who knows - maybe they are lazy, corrupt, or just found that it's best to leave it to people who want to make a living that way.
He took another sip from the cup, last one, with it the cup was empty.