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located in North America, a part of Transpire, one of the many universes on RPG.

North America



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❝Once upon a time, I fell in love.❞

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|| The Whole Sky || Kalafina ||

With a nod, Nieve watched as Lyra guided San through making the antidote. The fragrance from the concoction made by rubbing the Amola Tinct with the four star leaf neutralized the poison targeting the heart. "I'll name it, um... Versimmon." Not her favorite kind of poison, but it was still useful nonetheless. Was it bad that she poisoned herself? As long as she knew how to fix it and cure it, there wasn't a big problem Nieve figured. San finished her instructions and placed the leaf below her nose. Nieve sniffed it up and felt a chill rush through her body - a sign that the antidote was working. "Good girl, you did it." Nieve told San, hoping the girl understood. "I'm tired... I'm going to take a nap now." She curled up on the couch, eyes drifting shut as fatigue overcame her.

Nieve felt her eyes open up some unknown amount of time later. Once again, the dreams didn't come. As long as she drank a little poison, the dreams wouldn't come and she could have some peace and quiet. She felt herself being carried in someone's arms. The night around them was dark in the streets of Phosphora City as they approached the Inner Circle area. Voices, Allen and Pheenie were speaking. "Apparently there's a commotion, there's reports that something big is coming involving all the local guilds." Allen's voice was a bit worried. "It might be dangerous for us to stick around with Lamia Scale for now." Pheenie's voice trembled as she wrung her hands before her, fingers intertwined. "We owe Adonis so much..." Her voice trailed off. "Is it really okay to abandon them?"

"Hmm? What's going on?" Nieve shifted, allowing her big brother to keep carrying her. She was a wisp after all, wisps were light and easy to carry, even for other wisps. "All the guild leaders were called to the Palace, apparently." Allen filled her in with a quiet frown. "Something might be happening soon. Something that could get unwanted attention on us if we aren't careful." The King and Queen may recognize them as the runaways from the Magnolia family. They were aristocracy after all, it was a risk. "T-take it easy w-with the p-poison, okay?" Naturally her big brother Allen and her love, Pheenie, they both knew her problem, she had explained it to them already. They weren't going to stop her. "Th-this time y-you were passed out the wh-whole way."

Nieve nodded, making a slightly guilty face. "Sorry for worrying you. You both know I didn't mean to." She was still tired, having slept through dinner at the Guild Hall earlier. Hopefully there was some food leftover in their home for her to snack on before going back to sleep. As they entered the inner quarter of the city, they passed by a guard station. "It's getting late, you three shouldn't be out when it's this dark." Captain Grant said with a grin. "There's reports of more goblin activity over the hilltop, so you should be careful and abide by curfew." Allen paid the toll and they continued walking. "We'll be careful. Tell your son he can come play again sometime!" Allen waved and Nieve's eyes felt lidded. She was about to pass out again, wasn't she? Was the poison a little too strong this time? She would have to examine herself... later or... something...