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located in The Spicy Jackal, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Spicy Jackal

One of the finest Taverns in all of Ebozon! Grab a bit to eat, a swig of beer, and pass out in a cosy candle lit room lined with wooden floor boards.


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Skelly was so shocked by what he learned that he did not immediately saw the two brothers leaving their table. But Souls stones ? Bringing an undead fully back to his life ?

Could it be... the way to retrieve his memories ? Would it really work ?

He suddenly realizes that the brothers aren't here anymore. He must not let that magician escape. He wants... no, he needs this information. This goes way beyond what he thought could bring him back to his previous life. But where are they ? Where is the mage ?

He suddenly spots the two of them near a board, and in the company of three other people he doesn't recognize. No matter what it takes, he needs to follow them. Maybe he could join them. They look like a team of adventurers now that he thinks about it.

But how could he join ? He won't be able to talk. Perhaps he could play mute... But that would totally be suspiscious... He doesn't have the time to think. He decided that he would first meet with them, that would be a start. Maybe he won't have to talk. He gets up from his table, and goes to the board to meet this group.