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cam hooper
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xxxxi'm just some dumb kid
xxxxtrying to kid myself
xxxxthat i got my shit together
xxxxso go get running, won't you hurry?

Cam was on a grand total of five hours sleep and was really starting to feel it. Usually he could function perfectly fine on as little as four, but when he hadn't had more than six hours any night over the past two weeks, it was starting to catch up to him. Weekends were usually the time when he caught up on sleep, but his dad had been unwell and Cam had to make sure he was taking his medication every six hours. And then the restaurant had asked him to work the whole next weekend, and he sure as hell couldn't afford to turn that down.

As he trudged into his second last class of the day, he was already dreading the thoughts of work. He could probably catch an hour or two of sleep before work which should make it a little more bearable, but he'd seen the reservations list and it looked like they were going to be insanely busy. He'd probably make more than usual in tips thanks to sheer volume, but was it really worth it? He flopped into his usual seat and ran his hands down his face. At least English was usually bearable. That was, until five minutes into class, when Mr. Walters said the most dreaded two words he possibly could.

"That's right, it's a group project. I've got you assigned into groups of two or three, let's see..." As Cam's friends were slowly put into groups that weren't with him, Cam stared around at the remaining people who he could possibly be paired with. All of the possibly suitable options were rapidly disappearing, and Cam jumped as he heard his name.

"Cameron Hooper and Santiago Alvarez."

You have got to be kidding me. The resident rich kid. Too damn pretty for his own good, or for anyone else's. Cam rolled his eyes, picked up his bag, and threw himself into the recently vacated seat in front of Alvarez. "Cam," was all he said by way of introduction.