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located in The Spicy Jackal, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Spicy Jackal

One of the finest Taverns in all of Ebozon! Grab a bit to eat, a swig of beer, and pass out in a cosy candle lit room lined with wooden floor boards.


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Character Portrait: Lich Character Portrait: Dranten Character Portrait: Skelly, the wandering skeleton Character Portrait: Kerpheres Character Portrait: Gaveth
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โ€œWell, you don't look like a typical group of adventurers. Two mysterious people and an old soldier... I guess our help will be much appreciated.โ€ the mage looked at the masked person and the big guy. Their life was sucked out of their bones, leaving only shells, though the shells seemed to have much more intelligence than many of the living ones he met. He could only guess that they could help him with the Soul Shards.
โ€œSomeone else is approaching.โ€ said the warrior, looking over his shoulder at one of the other guests of the tavern, a person who was obviously listening to him and his brother talking about the Soul Shards.