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"I must be dreaming, because I don't believe in ghosts."

Savages | Marina and the Diamonds

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San didn't understand everything that was happening. She knew that Nieve was staying and that was good, but Lyra was going away now. Where was she going? San watched as Lyra and Allen left through the door. She turned back towards the others, wondering what they would do now. San just wanted to play, or color, or maybe take a nap in a beam of sunlight, but everyone was looking at her worriedly. Was there food on her nose? San attempted to look at it, but doing so made her dizzy and so she stopped and lay her head on Nieve's lap, careful not to get her horns stuck in anything. "So we have to smuggle her out!" Tymol hit his hand against his fist, determined to keep San safe from the King and Queen. Adonis scratched his head, "Don't worry," Tymol assured him, "if anyone will take the fall for this, I will! Besides, once they search the Guild's and realize she isn't here, they'll leave us alone and investigate somewhere else."

"I'm more worried about what will happen when someone slips up." They could not hide San forever, of course. Perhaps once the buzz died down, it would be safer for San to come out of hiding. "Remember, doing this will be a direct violation against the crown," Adonis warned. "Being caught means imprisonment, or worse," Tymol only shook his head. "We already agreed on it? Didn't we?" He grinned, powder white hair gleaming in the light. "I'll take the fall, if it comes to it, don't worry Nieve." Tymol assured her, San sitting up quickly and writhing. She was getting bored of just sitting here, the little monster wanted to go out and do something!

"We should smuggle her in a wagon!" Tymol suggested. "That way we can take her stuff too," Adonis may have spoiled the little monster a bit. The whole guild seemed to fall in love with the child though, unable to resist her adorableness. Nieve took San's hand, kneeling down to her height. "Nieve!" San yipped happily, "San... help Nieve!" The monster's tail swished, pleased with herself for coming up with such complex words on her own. "Alright, let's sneak her out!" Tymol clapped his hands together, having produced a wheelbarrow out of nowhere. No doubt he had stole it from some unsuspecting gardener. It was easy for Tymol to lift San up and place her inside, her blonde head peaking out every so often as he piled stuff inside.

"San can you play hide and seek?" He asked, pushing her head underneath the pile. "San... hide!" The little monster agreed, "Okay, but you have to stay quiet too." He made a motion, putting his finger against his lips. San copied him, then hid beneath the pile of belongings once more. "Alright, lead the way to your house Nieve," Tymol grinned, convinced that this would be a cinch.