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Another glorious night for the Alvarez Princess as people called him. Waking up in the morning for school was about the hardest he got. A storm happening the night before, he slept all eight hours he needed, and felt amazing. He couldn't understand how people didn't sleep easy, they must just be imbeciles. With summer rapidly approaching, people continued to text, tweet, and dm him about his upcoming annual End of the School Year Bash. He was feeling the pressure. Senior year was rapidly approaching, him being one of the youngest juniors to be apart of this class. He wasn't only good looking, but he was intelligent. Daddy didn't raise an idiot.

"Santi! I just can't wait till we party our asses off. You're gonna throw your bash right?," his friend Meaghan had asked as he smiled. Rolling his eyes and shutting his locker he began to speak. "Ummm duh, does it look like anyone else has a big enough house to fit the entire up and coming senior class, I don't think so." a scoff came from the male, as he would hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek before waving her bye, and heading to his next to last class.

Mr. Walters wasn't his absolute favorite teacher. But, Santiago didn't hate him. He was just a bit...unorthodox in the partnerships. Not choosing Santiago with his friends, but placing him with the Southside students who Santiago had grown to have a distaste for. He wasn't against the poor, his father wanted him to embrace the poorness of others. But the Southside were disgusting scum. They were all thieves and liars, especially when it came to Santiago. Which is why Santiago was just on his phone ignoring the classroom buzz when his attention was cut clear to hearing two names that should not be placed together ever.

"Cameron Hooper and Santiago Alvarez."

Excuse me what??? the male thought looking towards the male who suddenly appeared before him, his upset with the decision still upon his face. "Santiago Alvarez, my friends call me Santi. You can call me Santiago." he spoke with an annoyed tone. Looking him up and down, he wasn't the worst looking Southsider but he was still a poor wannabe.