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cam hooper
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xxxxi'm just some dumb kid
xxxxtrying to kid myself
xxxxthat i got my shit together
xxxxso go get running, won't you hurry?
Cam raised an eyebrow at Alvarez's "greeting". At one point, Cam may have been tempted to let it roll off his back. But he was too tired and too pissed off to do so today. "Should I just call you Your Highness like the rest of your subjects?" He asked pointedly, sitting back in his seat, his eyebrow still raised. He turned to look at the board to see the title. "The relationships in Shakespeare from a modern perspective." Oh, wow. He thought his day couldn't get worse, and then they got Shakespeare sprung on them.

"I want you all to pick one relationship from one of Shakespeare's plays and examine it from a modern perspective. If you were to recreate the play today, would the relationship still be the same? Or would it be seen in a different way?"

Cam groaned, turning back towards Alvarez. "So, Your Highness, any preference? I live to serve after all." He knew Walters wasn't the type to change groups after he'd assigned them. Cam could beg all he wanted, but he'd be stuck with Alvarez no matter what. Group projects weren't ideal for him, even if he'd been assigned one of his best friends. He only had an hour, two if he was lucky, free after school each day, and he was usually working at least one day every weekend. Getting his homework done was hard enough. Having to meet someone else, work around his schedule... it was impossible. And he sure as hell wasn't inviting Alvarez over to their apartment so the Alvarez Princess could judge how he lived.