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Santiago crossed his arms glaring at the male, his piercing green eyes studied him. Was that an actual attempt at snark? Irritating beyond measure. He looked up to the teacher and rolled his eyes before raising his hand and speaking without being called upon. "Mr. Walters, why do we have a project going into summer? Is this providing extra credit for our senior year?," he asked looking towards the man before hearing Cameron speak. Another eye roll was made present. He looked up towards the board to see the topic of the project. He felt intrigued, he had always wanted to pursue acting. Leading every school musical, and production.

"I want you all to pick one relationship from one of Shakespeare's plays and examine it from a modern perspective. If you were to recreate the play today, would the relationship still be the same? Or would it be seen in a different way?"

This boy was so irritating with this "Your Highness" thing. He got it, he was a "princess", but it was more of an insult used by his father's rivals to downplay his father's business by attacking his flamboyant and extravagant son. Irritation played on Santiago's face. "Considering as how we're both from Houses Montague and Capulet, we could do Romeo and Juliet. But we are not even close to being in love, and no offense but we just met. Any ideas? I'm assuming we'll do this at my manor, rather than your trailer, right? I have a guest house we can use for this...endeavor," he spoke out. His eyes meeting Cameron. A glint of an idea came to his mind. He was going to Taming of the Shrew this Southside idiot.