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cam hooper
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xxxxi'm just some dumb kid
xxxxtrying to kid myself
xxxxthat i got my shit together
xxxxso go get running, won't you hurry?
Jesus, Cam's eyerolling muscles were really going to get a workout when working out with this snob. His question just added to that, and he was a little glad when Walters ignored Alvarez in favour of talking to one of his other students. The irritation that flashed on Alvarez' face at the use of "Your Highness" made Cam smirk in satisfaction. In that case, the nickname would stick. Cam wouldn't give respect until he got respect, and he could be waiting a while with this pretty boy.

He pointedly raised an eyebrow at the Montague and Capulet comment. However, the ensuing comments made fire start to burn in Cam's stomach- especially the trailer comment. But he refused to rise to Alvarez. His eyebrow still raised, he swept an arm into a seated bow. "Why, thank you sire! I am so grateful to be allowed to step within your guest house. Please, let me know if you ever need my services in crossing puddles. I shall make use of this humble scarf to ensure that Your Highness' shoes do not have to touch water." He sat back in his chair, arms crossed. "I have work this evening, so I'll have to make sure that I have time to get to your 'guest house' and back. The library would work better for me."

In reality, it didn't make a huge difference. But the thought of making Santiago Alvarez step into a library not owned and curated by his father was too much to pass up. And having to go to the Alvarez house, where he'd probably even be forbidden from touching anything, even in the guest house.