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Just what he needed, more snark. And doing this at a public library? What if the rumors about Southsiders were true and he was just gonna lure him into the library to have his way with him. No thank you, especially with him working? Something was gonna have to have been done with it. Maybe his father could easily pay for whatever expenses he needed to take care of. Rolling his eyes once more he began to speak. "You can't just ditch work? I'm sure my father can compensate for whatever you earn. And I'm not setting a foot on any Southside library. My father publically donates to all the ones on the Northside,
" he spoke crossing his arms. His eyes focused on the male, what was his deal? Santiago had never interacted with the male, but he did look oddly familiar. Maybe he was a worker at one of the restaurants that he and his friends went to often after school, or on their nights out. The male shrugged before looking Cameron over again.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" he asked with a curious look.