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cam hooper
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xxxxi'm just some dumb kid
xxxxtrying to kid myself
xxxxthat i got my shirt together
xxxxso go get running, won't you hurry?
Cam felt as though his eyebrow was going to raise practically into his hairline at the suggestion that he could just ditch work and that the Alvarez family would... what, compensate him? Could this kid get any more stereotypical? Next thing, he was going to declare that his father would hear about this atrocity. But he felt like Alvarez wasn't going to budge. And now that he'd gotten a reaction, now that he'd irritated the princess, there was a part of him satisfied and he let himself give in.

"Fine, I'l come visit the Alvarez guesthouse. Your butler can drive me to work." If he was conceding a victory, he sure as hell wasn't going to give up the chance to get a sarcastic comment in. There was something in Santiago's gaze, curious and analytic, that made Cam a little uneasy. Not that he'd dare show it. Outwardly, he didn't as much as flinch. The question made him raise an eyebrow.

"I work in Ivory downtown most evenings, you might have seen me there. Because that's pretty much all I do. And I can't just ditch work because I need this job long-term. I start at five thirty this evening, does that suit sir?" He asked. He was fairly sure he had seen the youngest Alvarez in there on occasion, because he tended to avoid the tables full of rich kids like the plague. Especially if they were also juniors or people he recognised. He claimed it was because they didn't tip as well as some other patrons, but also because he didn't want the painful awkwardness of working for people his own age. Or worse, younger. He made a mental note to avoid those tables even more in particular. The whole sarcasm had probably just killed his chances of a decent tip.