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located in North America, a part of Transpire, one of the many universes on RPG.

North America



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❝Once upon a time, I fell in love.❞

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|| The Whole Sky || Kalafina ||

The inspection for Lamia Scale would take place tomorrow, so they had to get San out of here today. This was an important mission to take care of their newest member, to keep her safe from whatever the Crown may want her for. Considering the rumors from the capital, and the possibility of an actual illegitimate child, they couldn't be too careful. If San was an illegitimate heir to the throne, then they really could be in trouble here for taking her away from the Glass Tower. Nieve and Allen may be forced to return home to their parents in the Magnolia Estate, something neither of them wanted to do. "Yes, you're right, we'll have to get her out. We need to do it now, I think."

Sopheene blushed and copied Nieve by going to her knees to lower herself closer to San's height. Though for the tall model-esque figure Sopheene bore, it was hard for her to really try to look smaller for San's liking. "U-u-um, m-maybe..." She trailed off, looking down at her hands. "What is it?" Nieve asked, trying to coax Sopheene out of her shell. "It's okay, you can say it." Sopheene gulped, slightly emboldened by Nieve's words. She was not used to speaking, especially without Allen around. "Sh-should San... get a chance to... say her goodbyes to the... rest of the g-guild before we go?" She asked, looking like a scared child about to be scolded for speaking out. "No, no goodbyes, only see you laters." Because San would definitely see everyone later. There was nothing saying they couldn't come visit their home in the Inner Quarter, either.

After giving San time to talk to Adonis, Tymol went out to scout out a safe route for them to go. Nieve put her purple cloak over San's head, hopefully disguising and obscuring her appearance for now. It took about ten minutes but Tymol returned, a toothy grin on his face. "I got it, let's follow my lead." He marched in front, looking little more than a kid out and about the town for the day. Nieve took San by the hand, helping the girl follow along, and Sopheene took the rear. "Down this path." Tymol said after they neared Phosphora's gates. "The trees make it a natural blind spot so the Guard Tower won't have a clear view of us." Nieve nodded, grimacing. "Through here." She said, motioning with her hands.

Eventually the wooded path took them to a wall. "A hole's been made here, we can crawl through it." Tymol went first, of course. The hole would take them through the Outer Quarter, where the poorer peasants and farming families lived. It definitely wasn't as nice as the Inner Quarter, and even less nice than the other two Quarters, the Pristine and the Magicant Quarters. Tymol took them through the Outer Quater's winding maze-like alleys, which had been the boy's old home before he was made a fugitive for his thievery. If he had any feelings about being home he didn't show them.