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located in Capetown, Texas, a part of Project Oddity, one of the many universes on RPG.

Capetown, Texas

Welcome to Capetown, Texas, the nation's 5th in population density of parahumans to humans!


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Character Portrait: Jasmin Lehtinen (Sähkö) Character Portrait: Jericho Amile (Wendigo/Ghoul) Character Portrait: Mara Haruka Black Character Portrait: Devon Metzger(freischütz) Character Portrait: Vic Martel (Nobody)
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Nobody was in the mouth of the beast. She had scrolled through forums before discussing the many theories on what this beast truly was and where it came from, and from a quick scan through her memories of them, she figured she was currently inside one of the following three: a government conspiracy, an alien, or a God.

Pretty metal.

If she had a heart to speak of right now, it would be going as fast as a jackhammer. It was dark, but she could sense the walls, where they ended. From what she could tell, the thing didn't have lungs. Just a shit ton of radioactivity and no way out. And while it wasn't hurting her now, she knew that the heat in here wouldn't be healthy for her other form. Now, it was harder to feel fear without the adrenaline in your brain, your veins. The chemical reactions needed to make your skin prickle and body twitch. But some fears transcended biology.






I'm alone.

Down in Tangle's throat, she heard it. A deep gurgling, inhuman noise starting to build. A crack of light pierced the cavern, and Nobody burst out of the creature accompanied by an agonizing shriek. She didn't know how long she'd been down here. Could've been anywhere between twenty seconds to a minute or, like, an hour. She rushed up and all the noises that had been dulled by Tangle's thick hide were back, all the screams and shouting and sound effects torn from the pages of a comic book. Further, further - she was a reverse comet, reaching into the rapidly cooling atmosphere until she felt it affect her. Then she plummeted, spiraling to the ground in a frenzied motion.


Nobody returned to human form as her breeze skidded against ground, and she tumbled suit. She hit her hips and her shoulders against steel, struggling to regain footing, just managing to roll into a stand right before the edge of the rooftop. Everything human hit her at once. The adrenaline, the blunt she'd taken in before. The throbbing of her eardrums. Pain. She turned on shaking legs to stare up at the titan that had served as her prison for... probably nowhere near as long as it felt like, and shot her fists up over her head.


She screamed. A victory cry turned growl as she doubled over. Her bracelet was back to rattling off names apathetically, and she was back to looking at the chaos through human eyes. Those bloodshot eyes blurred as her breaths came ragged and thin, and she looked to who she had tumbled right past to the other side of the roof. A big black... thing, some little white thing riding it, someone... yeah, that was a human, a dome, and a... red blur with... white shards scattered about it, rocks in a red sea.

“Vic— Er, Nobody! H-Hey!” Came the abrupt shout from the mass of black and pale grey flesh and fur, shoulders and mood lifting as the comforting sight of a ... more familiar face and voice appeared. He was surprised, a bit stupefied, at the fact that she was even here at all, but it helped.

A secondary form rippled out from the changer, a massive pulse of ink lurching out from one of the burly forelimbs of the current form he was taking. A humanoid shape splattered to the steel floor below, quickly becoming solid black, before simply solid and flesh colored. It rose, wriggled it’s limbs, before taking on a startlingly bare rendition of Jericho’s usual human shape. He was... modest in the way a Ken doll would have been, though tattoos of multiple different swirls and fractals and other shapes painted across the exposed skin in record time, leading to a cord of bone and meat that connected back to the monstrous wendigo form behind him.

“H-Hey! Um... Hey, Vi— Nobody, sorry, minds a fuckin’ mess- Um- Got people trapped in the dome, there, um-“


The adrenaline clouding Nobody's mind didn't betray how deadly still her body was. Even the wind around her dropped, the whistle of it coming over the rooftop ceased. Eyes tinged with red stared Jericho down. Slowly, she reached into her back pocket, and brought out a half crumpled cigarette. She held it out expectantly towards him, watching flint and a steel striker bubble to the surface of his flesh. Good, he scarred her chest and now he could help in scarring her lungs, too.

"Wendy," she said in a low voice after letting loose a thin stream of smoke from her mask's nostrils. "I don't like people who don't know how to use their mouths."

She didn't blink. Somehow, it was a little hard to breathe in this pocket where the breeze had halted.

"I don't like it when they don't know how to please me with it." She stepped towards him. "I don't like it, when they put things in it that don't belong..." Her voice was rising in anger now. She took another step towards the unfortunate abomination, this time, raising her cigarette butt uncomfortably close to his eyes. "And I don't like it when they don't know when to stop running it!"

Her chest shuddered with rage as she glared him down. She turned from him, strolling back to the edge of the building. "Look, I've already been eaten once today. So I'm getting out of here, because the second most likely candidate to eat me again is you. Get back to being a hero, and I hope you're better with kids than you are with identities, asshole."

She took one last long drag from the cigarette and jumped, eager to discard this human heart again. The moment she was gone, the breeze returned.