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cam hooper
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xxxxi'm just some dumb kid
xxxxtrying to kid myself
xxxxthat i got my shit together
xxxxso go get running, won't you hurry?
God, rich kids really were something else. The thought of a paid internship made something in him burn, but not with anger. Like he wouldn't prefer a cushy job at a law firm. Once upon a time, he'd toyed with the idea of becoming a lawyer. But they wouldn't be able to afford college, even the local community college. So what was the point of an internship for a job he could never have? And besides, getting food every evening was a little less of a financial strain. One less meal to pay for. He avoided the subject, carefully studying his cuticles. Santiago Alvarez probably spent more on his goddamn hair than Cam would earn this evening. As a rich kid, he could never understand Cam's life, so Cam sure as hell wasn't going to try.

He'd been joking about the butler comment, but when Alvarez honest to god said that their driver was going to pick him up, Cam just raised his eyebrows and smirked. As the bell rung, he picked up his bag and headed for his next class. It was a welcome reprieve from the Alvarez Princess, and he and one of his friends spent most of the class trading notes in which they ranted about their partners in English class. Once the final bell rung, all too soon, Cam began the trudge to meet Alvarez. He took his time, stopping at his locker to make sure he had the books he needed, and texting his dad to say that he wouldn't be home, that he had to go work on a project and then had to go straight to work. He took a deep breath and took a step outside, looking around for Alvarez or their limo or whatever the hell he was going to be subjected to.