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Audience Room

This is a place within the temple that is reserved for the King and other high officials that wish to have an audience with the Guardians and Divines.


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Eden is a Holy Land that has ruled in peace and prosperity for generations. As other countries have come and gone Eden withstood the test of time. The poorest of Eden’s citizens are living comfortably, without much struggle. Their land blooms beautifully and their crops are plentiful no matter the season. No droughts, no natural disasters, nothing that can cause Eden to suffer has happened since its birth. How can such a country be so wealthy? Everyone knows it is because of the inhabitants that live in Eden, Beasts. Mightier than any human, creatures of unnatural abilities and beauty. No country dares to fight against Eden knowing that such monsters are its enemies. Beasts have been apart of Eden’s history since the beginning, slaves only to that country and kept close so that no other land can get their hands on them. The Beasts of Eden have become a common name when referring to the monsters. Eden uses them for everything: soldiers, slaves, servants, workers, pets. Beasts have been integrated into that society. But everyone wonders how Eden could control such powerful creatures. And those countries who have lived long enough have answered all the same, Divines. Divines, the gods of Eden. Deities of unimaginable powers that not even the Beasts could withstand. The Beasts worship and adore them, willing to be enslaved by humans just so their sovereigns can be kept safe. Though presented as mere trophies, other countries know if they ever seriously went to war with Eden the Divines would be there to defend it. Eden is untouchable if the Divines are their protectors. And Eden knew this.

How do you keep these god-like deities in check? Guardians. Eden’s most praised citizens, who have sacrificed part of their lives to seal the Divines powers and keep them chained to Eden. But such power comes with a price, and so, the Guardian must be replaced every ten years. It is now the start of the 75th generation of Guardians. A generation that will go down in history as, the Last Guardians.

Winter is now starting to turn into Spring and gentle warm breezes are passing through Eden. The 75th Guardians have just finished fixing up their rooms in their new Temple. They have been called to an audience with the King, Priestess, and some other officials who wish to witness their first interaction with the Divines in the audience room. Since acquiring their roles this is the first time the Guardians have gotten to personally met their Divines. Now with the audience seated and the Guardians patiently waiting in the center of the room, it is time for the Divines, guided by Beast servants, to arrive.