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Audience Room

This is a place within the temple that is reserved for the King and other high officials that wish to have an audience with the Guardians and Divines.


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Dialogue- #8A2BE2 ~ Thoughts- #337147

Galaya, by all appearances, looked to be as calm as a cucumber. She was standing in the middle of an audience chamber with numerous amount of eyes looking at her and the other Guardians and was wearing her guardian robes, along with one of the new outfits she had made for her. Apparently her current wardrobe she possessed wasn't even close enough to wear to these types of affairs. That did not surprise Laya though. She had been prepped for this ever since she made the decision to apply for a Guardian role. The head mistress of her former orphanage made sure of that. Laya was relieved when she found out she could still dress in her 'regular wear' when inside of her new home for the next 10 years. She wasn't used to dressing up like a noble, so even with all the training, she still felt out of her element here. So even though she looked poised right now, inside she wanted to run back to her quarters, away from all of the eyes of the audience. She wanted to meet the Divine under her care and get it done and over with.

Looking toward the direction where the Divines were about to appear, she could also feel a different set of nerves rising. And it was fear. Oh she wasn't afraid of Beasts and Divines because of their nature. She was half beast herself after all. She was terrified that one of them would figure out she was half beast. She was happy that no one has suspected she wasn't all human, yet. She did hear stories of what happened to hybrids. They generally had very short lifespans. So she had be very careful to hide her Mermaid traits. It was a blessing that she looked human. While she had never seen a Mermaid in person, she had seen pictures of them and in human form, the females tended to be very curvy with light colored skin with scales and green and blue coloring. Laya only produced scales if she was in water for a long time. It always killed a part of her to stop swimming. She could honestly do it all day since she loved it so much. Right now though she wasn't even thinking about swimming. She was focusing on how to hide her mer side from these Divines. Her instincts told her though that it would be hard to hide that part of her.

These thoughts led her to thinking of why she signed up to be a Guardian in the first place. After researching as much as she could, which wasn't as much as she hoped, Galaya learned enough to know that all four Divines were smart, especially the two oldest. So there was some relief there that Laya had been assigned to the youngest for her training.

~Laya, why ARE you here?~ she asked herself.

The truth was she didn't know. When she first heard the announcement, her instincts kicked into high gear and told her to do this. Her mind questioned her sanity of the decision every step of the way. She was actually surprised she did end up being selected as a guardian, only because she had never attempted anything like this. All of her teachers and especially the headmistress of her orphanage were very proud of her though. While Galaya definitely didn't sign up for this for the money, she was happy to have the chance to donate some of her funds back to the Orphanage that was her home. She knew this job was going to be very demanding though. When she first met the Guardian she was replacing, the person did look like they had the weight of the world on them and the moment she felt that same 'weight', she could remember seeing relief in the former Guardian's eyes. The pain the 'curse' she initially felt was something she never felt before, but thankfully she managed to hide that pain for the rest of the ceremony and once she was allowed back to her quarters, she slept for a good twelve hours because she had been exhausted and writhing in pain by that point. Three weeks later she had gotten accustom to hiding the inner pain she felt. She just hoped her beast side would make it a bit more bearable.

Standing next to the other Guardians, she couldn't help but glance over to see how they were doing. She already met all of them and it still felt surreal to know she was standing next to one noble and one royal. When she first met Princess Adelaide, she was honestly shocked for she never met a single noble, much less a royal. Oh she had recognized her immediately though for she had seen pictures of the royal family. She found herself to be on her best behavior when around her because she intimidated her for sure. Lord Valerys wasn't as intimidating, but he still unnerved her a bit because she learned he was a noble too. Junichi was the only one she felt somewhat comfortable around since he was basically a commoner like her. However, she did find out his older brother was one of the previous Guardians. Still for the three weeks there, she mostly kept to herself and wanted to learn as much as possible about her new home. Her new quarters shocked her for it was much larger then her room back at the orphanage. She didn't have extravagant taste so her quarters reflected her more simpler tastes. Favorite part of her room though were the large windows. She hated feeling 'caged in', so the windows helped feel more at home.

As her thoughts continued to move on and on, her gaze returned back to the front of her as she patiently waited for the Divines.