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Audience Room

This is a place within the temple that is reserved for the King and other high officials that wish to have an audience with the Guardians and Divines.


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”What a farce…” Jun thought to himself silently, shifting his posture for what felt like the hundredth time. This was the part of the job that they hadn’t informed him of. Lots of standing around listening to other people talk in circles. Of course, he’d expected to be caught in political meetings and to have to rub shoulders with the elite now he was considered an equal; but even he couldn’t believe the amount of pointless posturing they’d done. It’d been three weeks now of dealing with overly affectionate nobles attempting to gain his favour, and not once had he even had the chance to speak with his Divine. He could understand the need to exchange pleasantries with his fellow Guardians, but this was all a bit excessive.

Relaxing his stance a bit, Jun glanced down the line of Guardians. He wondered if they were as irritated as he was at being made to parade around as some sort of trophy. An ironic thought, given what their jobs were. First in line was Adelaide - Lady Greywater - She was standing in place like it was second nature to her. Probably was, given her heritage. Although they all had the chance to mingle, Jun wasn’t the most sociable young fellow and so he hadn’t spoken with any of them at length. Just enough to get a basic feel for who they were. Intuition told him the rest of the story, and in this case, it was telling him that the Princess wasn’t one to be trifled with. Or maybe that was just the intimidation that a royal presented? After all, she looked soft. Sure, she was probably smarter than Jun and had this etiquette stuff down pat, but when push came to shove, he was confident he could handle her if they had to clash wits or blades. She was probably another sheltered and pampered child like those other women the nobles kept introducing him to in a bid to attract his fancy. It was disgraceful really. They lacked the drive to be their own person, so he’d never accept a fake like that.

Turning his attention away from Adelaide, next Jun focussed on Valerys. After all, it wasn’t exactly exciting standing around, so it made sense to entertain himself by mulling over his thoughts and observing his companions. Descendent of the Priestess from long ago, Jun couldn’t imagine what sort of upbringing that would be like. Still, in the brief time that he’d met the man, Junichi found him to be annoying. It was hard to tell if it was his demeanour or what, but something about the way he always seemed to be scrutinizing Jun irked him. Still, despite any misgivings Junichi may have had about the man, he’d have to learn to live with him given that they’d be spending the next 10 years together. All of them would. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too much of a bother, and maybe Jun was just being testy given his uncomfortability with the situation.

Finally, Jun’s eyes fell on to Galaya, a little lady who seemed to have as modest an upbringing as him. Well, if you ignored a certain someone’s presence in his life. Regardless, she seemed the most out of place in the room. Even if he was adjusting his posture, Junichi held a confident stance, even before the many eyes of the audience. Valerys and Adelaide were equally as poised, but somehow, Galaya seemed small and uncertain, perhaps shy at such a large gathering. Maybe it was just his imagination though, or an attempt to protect his ego that someone else looked more out of place than he did. Regardless, it was nice to have someone who wasn’t a noble around. He’d had enough of the pleasantries and would happily go for a more candid conversation about something that actually mattered. For now though, there was no escape. Hopefully this would be the last thing before he could start leading his own life as the 75th Guardian.

Inwardly sighing, Jun’s mind continued to wander, his eyes drifting over the crowd of onlookers. All stupid, gawking faces obsessed with power and politics, ever searching for the next move that would help keep their status. He didn’t exactly care what they thought, but at the same time, he had to prove himself. That’s why…

“…!” For a moment, Junichi’s composure broke, but soon enough, he returned to a stern façade, narrowing his eyes and focusing on the far door where the divines would make their entrance. So, he was still here? Couldn’t even let him handle this by himself? “Tch…” Jun’s noise of irritation was slight, but may have been heard by the two closest to him. Reiji… Just what was he thinking? In the 10 years it had been since he became Guardian, Junichi felt like he didn’t understand him at all. Even now, after having gotten to spend some time with him due to the ceremony, Jun’s frustration with his sibling failed to fade. The ritual was just to transfer the curse that was all. At least, that’s what Junichi had thought. And yet, in that split moment where his brother had whispered to him, there was more than just a name.

“I’ll be counting on you.” The words and memory flashed through Jun’s mind, and he found himself unintentionally tensing his body. Just what exactly did he mean by that? Another way to exert his superiority over him? As if he was doing it for him of all people! Reiji could count on Junichi all he wanted, but he’d surpass his expectations. He was the Guardian now, not him. Jun would find his own way forward, not the path his brother laid out for him. The next time he was in front of all these nobles like this, he wouldn’t just be the 74th Guardian’s Brother. They’d all know his name.

Staring down the door to the audience chamber, a faint smirk crossed Jun’s face as he awaited her. All he needed now was his divine. That would be the start of his change, and the beginning of his story.