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located in Audience Room, a part of Guardians of the Divine, one of the many universes on RPG.

Audience Room

This is a place within the temple that is reserved for the King and other high officials that wish to have an audience with the Guardians and Divines.


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"The LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, Cursed are you more than all cattle, And more than every beast of the field; On your belly you will go, And dust you will eat All the days of your life"

Imagequinn (qi) \\ divine 3 \\ horned serpent
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All she wanted to do was return to her pillow-infested bedroom.

Back then, Quinn was numb to this fated ritual. Every 10 years, she was forced into a single day dedicated to frivolous ceremonies and formalities. Honors of the highest caliber given to her captors as she fit into her well-formed role as trophy. To say she was sick was an understatement, she was used to tight leashes, but some creeper breathing down her neck was highly unnecessary.

Though..she wouldn't mind if said creepy was named Reiji.

All divines were obligated to attend the ceremony, but it was the first in a long-time that Quinn was looking forward to it. Not so much because of the induction itself, but because of a certain someone's presence. Dashing Reiji would've been present for the transfer..though Quinn was not fond of how quickly their time together came to a close. Their days together seemed like they could never end, something Quinn never thought she would say about her guardian. Coupled with the fact that Quinn couldn't tell the difference between 10 years and 10 months truly places Reiji in her good graces. He was undoubtedly her best guardian to this date..and he looked amazing with his hair slicked back like that.

She was awakened from her drooling daze by a nudge on the shoulder. The 2 red-collared beasts that were accompanying her pointed to the corridor she was supposed to turn into.

Quinn was usually more on top of things such as this. From birth, she had been forced into this play, given a role she doesn't want to perform and lines she doesn't want to read. Despite this, Quinn follows orders without question. For the ensured safety of her friends, and the promised freedom of her family.

She glanced at the grotesquely muscular guards. One possessed the head of a lion, clenching tightly on a 10 foot long halberd. The other was noticeably shorter, but had the head of a snapping crocodile. They've been her..retainers for as long as she could remember, but she possessed no attachment to them. Getting close to another group of beasts would surely end poorly and she knew without doubt that the queen had enlisted them to not only guard her, but to guard against her as well.

Quinn tugged on her constricting dress. Like a prey struggling for life against a fierce python, Quinn always felt that she was in eternal combat with the clothing the royals expect her to wear. She'd rather wear much less, or nothing at all, despite the implications of being unladylike. Although, she felt like a porcelain doll, maybe Reiji would appreciate the change in wardrobe?

As she made her way to the entrance, she caught glimpse of her younger sibling. Despite her meager advantage in age, Quinn felt the need to rub it in their faces. All she wanted to do was hug them, or Ofi..but she had to exercise some form of etiquette. Disregarding that thought instantaneously, Quinn snuck up and nibbled on their ear to get their attention.

"You ready?"

Only a few more hours of straightening her back, then she can go back to her pillow fort.