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located in Capetown, Texas, a part of Project Oddity, one of the many universes on RPG.

Capetown, Texas

Welcome to Capetown, Texas, the nation's 5th in population density of parahumans to humans!


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jasmin Lehtinen (Sähkö) Character Portrait: Jericho Amile (Wendigo/Ghoul) Character Portrait: Mara Haruka Black Character Portrait: Devon Metzger(freischütz) Character Portrait: Vic Martel (Nobody)
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While Devon was in the process of dismounting Jericho another cape came tumbling by, apparently an acquaintance of Jericho. He hadn't bothered listening in on the conversation, picking up just a piece here and there not enough to form anything coherent, but the lady seemed to be quite distressed. Though with an abhorrent and it's minions running amok that likely would be the default disposition, though this seemed to be something more personal given the tone.

While this conversation was happening in the background Devon had walked to the dome and done a quick run around making significant effort to ignore the human tomato exhibition. It was an odd site to be sure, aside from a sizable dent and signs of it being pushed into the surface below it was a completely smooth metal dome on a slanted metal lifesize statue of a parking garage. He brought the bracelet to his face and spoke into it. "Display cape biosign within 60 feet on visor, lock to closest three signals. Connect communications with cape Sähkö through helmet radio." Moments later a brightly colored blob appeared on his visor, the mess of canned human trapped under the dome.

He walked a few steps away from the dome while grabbing the rifle from his back. "I will be creating a few air holes in the dome, avoid moving as much as possible or you might be grazed by one of my bullets." He spoke through the radio while laying down on the metal surface. He had no idea how thick the dome was, but by the shape of the blob they were pretty much pressed against the dome in most places, he'd have to fire within a hair's breadth from the signature. The sniper rifle still had the abhorrent piercing ammo loaded so no matter the kind of metal as long as it wasn't tinker made he would be able to pierce it. He placed his shot, squeezed the trigger and without delay the bullet started carving a path through the dome. He aimed for another few places hoping the extra holes would increase the airflow inside the dome. When the magazine ran dry of the special ammo he got up and slung the weapon onto his back once more.

Given the degree of difficulty the bullets had with carving their way through the material trying to carve a man sized hole through the dome would be a very difficult task, fortunately with the way it was pressed into the surface below it seemed whatever material it was the parking garage was of a softer kind. Devon looked around for a stairwell and once he had found it he made a dash for it as he yelled to Jericho and Sähkö at the same time. "Jericho I'm relying on you to keep an eye on tangle and his minions, I'll be one floor below here. I should be able to carve out a hole from below the dome."

Once in place on the floor below he grabbed his revolver. While it would be faster to use the assault rifle the bullets simply wouldn't home in a tight enough curve for the job. With pinpoint precision he began carving a crater into the roof with a slightly smaller radius than the dome. Once again he had to leave just enough distance between the blob he saw on screen and the path of the bullets, too little and the material would curl up or the bullet would even break through, almost certainly wounding whomever were below. Too much and the material would retain enough strength to keep the three trapped under the dome.