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located in North America, a part of Transpire, one of the many universes on RPG.

North America



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❝Once upon a time, I fell in love.❞

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|| The Whole Sky || Kalafina ||

As they neared Nieve's residence that she shared with Allen and Pheenie, they heard an alarm sound through the city. What was this alarm, Nieve never heard it before. Pheenie looked flustered as she forced San back into the dress, burying her in cloth again. Tymol covered his ears, it was so loud Nieve was getting a headache. "That's the warning horn!" Tymol exclaimed, trying to be heard over the blaring blasting through the city's streets. "There's an emergency!" Nieve glanced around as people stared up at the sky. She decided to look at the sky as well. Above them was a horde of dragons, tamed by what appeared to be goblins, ready to attack the city. "Goblins?" But weren't they fighting at the hilltop outside the city? Why were-

"Allen! Lyra!" Pheenie's eyes widened when she realized what this meant. If the goblins were here - then did that mean the army fighting them had lost? Were Lyra and Allen safe? Nieve narrowed her eyes, trying to think of what to do. Tymol was clinging to San as if to make sure she wouldn't suddenly run away, Pheenie looked ready to run off into the fray in search of her loved one. "Prepare for evacuations!" They could hear the loud booming voice of Finn Grant, the young guard captain, as he tried to corral the citizens to follow his lead. "Head to the shelters!" Tymol stared at Nieve in panic, mouth agape. If they went to the shelters, San would definitely be found out and they would be caught. This was a disaster! "Tymol, stay with San and get in the house, you know where it is. Pheenie and I have to make sure the others are safe." It wouldn't do anyone any good to panic now. Someone had to be the one to stay calm. The little sprite patted San on the head with a face of calm on her visage. "We'll be back. Listen to Tymol and stay with him, be good." Did she understand?

The goblins were attacking Phosphora. This meant that areas on the city's outskirts such as the Lamia Scale guildhall could very well be in danger. "But what about Allen? And Lyra?" Pheenie asked, already pulling out her sword, looking beautiful in her white armor. "Allen probably got them away with his wind ether." Against the surge of the crowd of fleeing citizens, Pheenie helped lead the way back towards the Guild Hall where the rest of their friends were. The flying goblins were landing on the streets now, causing chaos and setting fire to the city. Nieve grimaced, throwing her arm out to shoot a puff of wind to knock one goblin to his feet. Pheenie lunged forward with her sword, slicing cleanly through it's neck in one smooth motion. She wasn't the Sword Saint for nothing.

"Up there." Pheenie sounded confident and strong again now that she had the sword in her hands. "We can get a good view and see what's going on." Nieve nodded, liking that idea. "Alright." She raised her arms, summoning a gust of wind to knock the two girls up to the top of the belltower where they could see the whole city. Nieve panted, having used a lot of her energy to make that much wind. "Do you see them?" She asked, letting Pheenie take watch as the girls stayed safe above the chaos below.