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Audience Room

This is a place within the temple that is reserved for the King and other high officials that wish to have an audience with the Guardians and Divines.


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There exists a limit to the force even the most powerful may apply without destroying themselves. Judging this limit is the true artistry of government. Misuse of power is the fatal sin. The law cannot be a tool of vengeance, never a hostage, nor a fortification against the martyrs it has created. You cannot threaten any individual and escape the consequences.

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The woman who called herself Ofelia, at least in this place, frowned at the pillow on which she had been resting her head. Typically, sleep would come easy to her, as the setting of the sun acted in tandem with her metabolic processes and the earth and her body temperature alike cooled. Though this process of hers - like all acts of nature - was a mechanism of her own design; and when her thoughts rattled around her mind like a caged bird it threw a wrench into its moving parts. To fall asleep was important and she knew this, of course, which only added to her growing frustration in turn.

She had much to ruminate on, her brain slowly chugging away on the thoughts like a cow did cud, and as the moonlight pooled through the many windows of her room she wondered if Adonis was experiencing as much difficulty with his own task. At the thought she let out an audible laugh, a thunderclap compared to the silence that preceded it, and repositioned herself in her bed.

For reasons that needn't be said, she expected that he was having no trouble at all. Instead, she turned her energy once more to calming her thoughts and hoped that sleep would overcome her soon, lest her sibling grow annoyed at her increasing length of absence.

And so, it did.

A sweet sigh escaped Adonis' lips, "Oh. Ofi is thinking about me~"

"What?", the human huffed. Adonis peered down at the dazed man, occupied with other things, he hadn't noticed that the cloth provided for Uryan had slipped off. Opps.

"No wonder you stopped making sounds on the third round." Adonis fastened the cloth back onto Uryan's mouth, though it would do little to help the damage already done, "There we go. Much better~"

Uryan gasped, "...Thanks." He took a second to breathe in the unpolluted air, his mind slowly lifting from the foggy daze. When he started to regain most of his senses, he remembered his question once more. "You were speaking that language again. What did you say?"

Adonis grinned, he was honestly surprised that Uryan was able to hear him in his confused state. He had known the human for a little over five years, and recently he'd begun showing small signs of resistance against the scent of his lotuses. Granted, Adonis made sure to never give off a strong enough smell to harm him. "Divine Aui, you being on top of me - grinning - makes me feel as if you're going to devour me."

"Didn't I already?" Adonis gave him a playful kiss over the cloth and jumped off his body. "Now... To answer your question, Lord Uryan, my words were that you 'felt so good' that 'I'm going to be sad to see you leave'."

Uryan rubbed his beard with one hand while holding the cloth with the other, and eventually he let out a sigh of defeat. "I suppose that is you nicely telling me to leave." Adonis didn't say a word and instead began walking down the stairs towards his lotus pond. His long, green hair gently flowed with each step. "No clothing?" Adonis merely waved at Uryan. The man took that as his final warning to leave. Without further delay, Uryan donned his official clothing as swiftly as he had taken them off and headed toward the exit.

By the time he had reached the door, Adonis was already standing at the steps of his lotus pond, patiently waiting for the human to leave. Uryan had never witnessed the Divine's half beast form, and it would have been a lie to say he wasn't curious. However, he knew better than to risk his life and Uryan looked around the cold exterior of the Divine's room one last time. No matter how many times he came here he couldn't help but notice how beautiful and lonely the large room was, just like its occupant. How sad. With one last glance at Adonis, he left the Divine's room.

Adonis waited until he could no longer sense Uryan's presence before gazing at his pond, which was now displaying an image of Ofelia's dream world. "Well, that certainly took longer than expected. Hopefully, Ofi isn't too upset with me." Adonis proceeded to make haste as he didn't want to keep his sibling waiting any longer.

Time was difficult to track in her world, as it seemed to pass at varying rates depending on nothing at all. An ambient light hung and shifted intensities in the sky, but no source of it could be seen. Ofelia herself stood in an open field, surrounded by knee-high grass and various types of trees - which appeared to flicker between their seasonal states every other moment. Leaves shifted color and wilted, slowly falling to the ground as new leaves burst into being just as suddenly. Typically Adonis manifested himself to her via water, and just as she began to grow impatient she felt the cool touch of a raindrop hit the tip of her nose. The single drop gave way to a downpour around her, though not even the slightest amount of water would touch her again. It too ended as soon as it came, and in its wake had left Ofi surrounded now by a lake, seemingly stranded on the last little island of grass.

Entirely unimpressed, Ofelia crouched down at the water's surface and looked into it as she held her knees.

"Here I thought that I was the one making you wait on me. Really, Adonis, when are you going to quit with your silly little theatrics?" She spoke into the water, but the smile on her face betrayed her chastising tone.

"At least you were kind enough to not get me wet, this time, and I thank you for that."

Green scales glowed in the dark water, as Adonis gazed at the beautiful creature smiling lovingly at him, "Now Ofi, I would never try to get you wet on purpose without telling you." Adonis laughed with genuine glee. With a single whip from his massive tail, Adonis had swum toward the surface of the water. Now face to face with Ofelia he laid his chest on the little grassy plain, while the rest of him gently moved along with the water.

"Hello, my dear Ofelia. I apologize for the wait, but if it makes you feel any better I have only been thinking about you the entire day. I even cut my last session from four rounds to three, simply to see you."

Taking the flattery in stride, Ofelia reached out with a hand to softly caress the side of Adonis' face. "Now, now, there's no need to lie so blatantly to my face, is there?" She gave his earlobe a playful tug. "Let's fast-forward over our usual pleasantries and get right to business, yeah? I know you've been a real good boy for me and must have something juicy, so, go on. Out with it." Giving his cheek a gentle little pat beforehand, Ofi withdrew her hand from his face and her expression hardened.

"What have we found out?"

Adonis slyly smiled, "So~ I learned something that might help that female human of yours. You know how the Duke you've been eyeing was invited by the King to attend the ceremony tomorrow? Well, he almost lost the privilege because of his little marriage candidate's messy mistake. It seems like the trap we laid out for her was too tempting to ignore and she was caught. Now they aren't talking to each other and the Duke is even thinking about annulling the marriage agreement between the two." Adonis twirled his hair playfully, laughing to himself as he imagined the look on the young woman's face when the scent of his lotuses wore off. Sadly, he couldn't be caught so he had a proxy deliver the concoction for him, though it was quite a nasty one. Even still, the human proxy he sent with it would have had a dandy little time with its recipient.

While pondering through his thoughts, Adonis' tail wagged happily - causing large waves to emerge, "Such stupidity, I thought she would have been smarter, but I guess not. Isn't that just delightful?"

Ofelia had returned his smile and had been nodding along as he spoke, though she couldn't help but roll her eyes as Adonis was distracted by his hair-twirling. Sometimes she thought that he derived too much pleasure from her little assignments for him, and other times she wondered if he even really deserved such pleasures to begin with. She eyed his now-active tail warily before responding. "Delightful is just the word I was thinking of, but I've told you time and time again that you should come to expect stupidity from humans more often than smarts. I fear if they were truly intelligent that our defeat wouldn't have resulted in an existence so... tame."

She shuddered for a moment at the thought and pushed herself back up to a standing position, looking down now on Adonis. "You were right, this will be extremely helpful. This is information that our lovely little friend will enjoy, and it brings us one step closer to the fruition of our endeavors. As always, Adonis, you have made me proud of you. You're lucky I respect you enough to resist showing you just how appreciative I am. But that aside, we still have much to discuss. You know what comes tomorrow." She was, of course, referring to the induction ceremony for their now 75th pair of Guardians, though the transferal of their power over the Divines had already happened outside of the public eye.

"These charades we must maintain make me weary, my love. We've long discussed our desire to break this cycle but sometimes I feel like our efforts are in vain, especially when I am reminded that another ten years have passed. For our sake and the sake of the others, we must be at our absolute best tomorrow. Not just to keep appearances, but to ensure that this little romantic plot of ours lands well. I need you to promise me that you'll behave, Adonis, and that you'll keep the others in line as well. I'm not as worried about Quinn as I am that Lyssa will, well, you know. Just don't instigate anything, please." She looked pleadingly at him, but also knowing him well, added one last thing.

"Lie to me if you have to."

Adonis had always loathed the new cycle of Guardians, but this batch would prove to be worse than the others. Especially Adonis'. This Divine had always been able to evade two types of humans, Royals and the Priestess' bloodline, for all the years he had been confined to this accursed country. Now, after all these years, a brat from that foul blood had become his Guardian. Truthfully he wanted to cause mayhem, but as the years had passed, Ofelia had become more alert about their actions. He understood that she truly wished for everything to remain perfectly in place and Adonis was incapable of disappointing her, but only her.

Her last words stabbed at what was left of Adonis' past self and he could only let out a sigh of utter defeat. She knew very well he could never lie to her. That was a feat that Adonis wouldn't even attempt, and yet he couldn't be mad at her words. He understood she held no cruel intentions within them - they were pure, just like she was, and therefore Adonis could only answer those feelings with the same amount of purity despite his feelings toward his new Guardian.

As always his lips formed upwards, but this time his eyes didn't hold any sly intentions or gleeful looks, no, they were simply tired. "I can't promise about the others Ofelia, but I will behave. And if the younger ones get out of control I will use every ounce of my being to stop them." He stared straight into Ofelia's eyes and this time gave her the most genuine smile he could muster, "I swear to you, Ofelia. This will be the last year. No more Guardians, Eden, or this curse. We will end this all."

With a soft sigh, Ofelia raised a hand to wipe away the tears that had begun to well up at the corner of her eyes. "Thank you, Adonis, that will have to be enough." She took a moment to process what he had told her before letting out another, this-time-exaggerated sigh and stretching her arms out above her head. "I grow tired, however, and this subject matter does nothing but wound me. Let's call this meeting done and get some rest for tomorrow. You can stay here and dream with me if you'd like. It's been a while since we last got to do that together."

"Well I would love to, but I believe we should save that for another time. It seems reality is calling on the both of us." Adonis showed Ofelia an image of his room in the water, where a single Beast was patiently waiting for him to resurface, "I'm assuming that your room will be looking the same. So, let's both wake up and prepare ourselves. Bye, my dear Ofi~" Without waiting for a reply, as quickly as he had appeared he was gone. His figure sinking into the dark depths, and then the depths themselves receding away until Ofi was left standing once more in an open field.

Ever annoyed at the rate of actual time, Ofi awoke as well and almost immediately after was greeted by her Beast servant. They exchanged the usual pleasantries and Ofi - having already been through the motions 75 times prior - silently followed behind her servant as she leads her to the grand doors that opened into the audience room. As she approached, Ofelia could see the others waiting there with their servants for her, including Adonis who was peacefully smoking on his pipe while being closely guarded by his two massive centaurs - one being female and the other a male. She flashed him a glance as she passed him to take her appropriate first place in line and then greeted her siblings as a whole.

"Good morning, my lovelies. I hope you're ready - and remember - behave." She turned her head back towards them one last time to cast an accusatory glance at Lyssa and then remained forward facing, anticipating the moment the doors would swing open and they'd be greeted by their ever adoring public eye.