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located in Japan, a part of Fruits Basket: A New Leaf, one of the many universes on RPG.


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Another sunrise, another start to a new day. Hitomi wiped the sweat of her brow and took a deep breath. Nothing felt better than a early morning run. She had to keep in shape for the softball team anyways. Despite her income from the main estate, Hitomi's college was paid for entirely through sports scholarships. Which made her insanely proud of herself. The head was never happy about her active participation in sports, he felt as though it took away their time together. But she always assures him that he will always be her number one. Hitomi was just happy he didn't make her quit. She watched the sunrise for a few more moments before turning around and making her way back to the estate. The horse wanted to run full speed, but with the danger of running into someone, especially a male, she kept it at a light jog. All of her energy could be expended at practice later that day. Plus, she had something very special to attend today.

The way home was etched into her memory from the possible thousands of times she ran this course. Not only in the mornings, but whenever she felt upset and needed to clear her head. Which was a lot more than she wished. "Oh well, I guess it comes with being cursed ..." After about thirty minutes of jogging, she finally made it back to the Sohma estate. The front gates stood tall and intimidating. She was granted entry with ease and within five minutes of walking, she was to the inner gate. Her house wasn't too far from the gates, making it a lot easier to get in and out.

"Good morning, Hitomi-san. Will you be seeing the head this morning?" One of the family maids stopped her at her door.

"Of course ma'am. I haven't missed a day yet, have I?" The woman smiled and left. Hitomi entered her house and went straight to the bath. After all, she was a sweaty mess. The steaming water felt amazing on her skin, especially on a chilly morning like today. Within a few minutes, she was out and dressed. Since today was special, she had decided on a mid-thigh length black skirt and a navy blue tube top, along with black sneakers and thigh-high navy blue socks. As she waited for her hair to dry, Hitomi cooked a large breakfast full of protein. Twenty minutes later, she was full and ready for the day ahead of her. An invitation hung on the fridge and a sweet smell filled the area around it. Today was the local high school's cultural festival, which Kira Sohma had seemingly invited all the Zodiac to. It had been a while since Hitomi had seen any of them, since quite a few live on the outside.

But first things first, she had to go and see him. The thought made her feel excited and sad at the same time. Part of her loved seeing the Head of the family ... but the other half dreaded it. The horrible things he could say. But who loved her more than he did? Hitomi left her house and within seconds, was in front of the Head's door. It slid open with ease.

"It's about time you show up." His voice was icy and impatient. "And looking like that. How disgusting."

Hitomi sped walked her way towards the school, hoping she wasn't terribly late. It took a while, but she finally arrived and spotted Kira's blonde little head in no time. Along with her was the Rat, Izumi, and the Dragon, Hugo. She was surprised that she was the third one to arrive. Was no one else planning to show?

"Kira-chan! Izumi-chan! Hugo-nii!" Hitomi jogged to the others, joining right as Hugo was dispersing some adorable looking snacks. "Long time no see guys!"