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Audience Room

This is a place within the temple that is reserved for the King and other high officials that wish to have an audience with the Guardians and Divines.


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The Audience Room vibrated with the low murmuring of the impatient crowd who had come to witness the first interactions between the 75th Guardians and Divines. Each one dawned their own schemes and reasons for attending the event. Yet no one questioned their motives, as was a tradition for important figures of Eden to attend such an event. Out of the people who were awaiting the arrival of the Divines, four were held as most important - Radu Greywater, Ruler of Eden, Priestess Circe, Reiji Takahashi, the 74th Guardian, Vaharys Kargaryen, High Commander of the Army and 73th Guardian, and Duke Ezra Hasofer, Head Commander of the Navy. There were certainly a few others who were in attendance, yet these political figures were the ones who could not simply be ignored. Everyone in the room could feel the pressure from their gazes, especially the servants. In particular, those manning the doors.

They felt the fierce stares, already knowing without words what they were wanting. Where were the Divines? The servants shivered, imagining the punishment that awaited them if the guest had to sit any longer. And like an answer from the heavens, the signal knock rang on the door.

With relief, the servants' voices boomed throughout the hall, "Attention! Announcing the arrival of the Divines!"

Like a rehearsed theatrical play the doors opened, trumpets blew, and drums rolled. The sound erupted throughout the hall causing an ear-deafening echo. Everyone held their breath gazing at the Divines entering the Audience room, their guards respectfully following a few feet behind them. Once again, as if rehearsed, the Divines stopped, a couple of feet away from the Guardians. Followed by a heavy silence swiftly enveloping the room, unlike the previous one, this wasn't one of irritation or impatience but of pure curiosity. All eyes were on the eight individuals on the floor and their next moves.