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located in North America, a part of Transpire, one of the many universes on RPG.

North America



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❝Once upon a time, I fell in love.❞

ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#5D23CC ♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #23CC3F

|| The Whole Sky || Kalafina ||

As the guards rushed to the city's gates to protect it, goblins entered the city itself through tunnels, through magic, or even dropping in from atop the backs of dragons. The whole city was under attack. Goblins had a habit of kidnapping people to turn their body parts into more goblins for their horde, it was how they reproduced. No one knew how they did it, but it involved the corpses of their victims somehow. "What do you see, Pheenie?" Nieve asked, trying to regain her energy. She couldn't use the ether much, not like her brother, Allen, could. He was far more adept with it. There was a reason Nieve's specialty was in poisons and not ether manipulation. "It's chaos." The sword saint said, patting her sword, ready for battle. "We should try to protect places that the guards can't cover."

But if they did that, they wouldn't be able to check on the guild and confirm Adonis and everyone else's safety. Some children and and injured people and noncombatant mothers were also living at the Lamia Scale guild. Would Adonis and the guildmates be able to protect their home from the goblins this far out? "We should be protecting our friends." Nieve insisted, shaking her head. "We should be finding Allen and Lyra and making sure they come back safe." Sopheene gave Nieve a gentle smile. "We're guild members of Lamia Scale. And a part of that is to be servants of justice." Pheenie drew her blade, her mask beautiful on her face. "The more we can save, the better. We can trust our allies to survive without us." Nieve blushed, ears getting red as how cool and strong Pheenie was. While the shy Pheenie was adorable, there was something she couldn't help but be transfixed about when seeing the confident Sword Saint.

Nieve flew them back down the belltower. With the guards defending the outer perimeter and the palace soldiers at work holding the goblins back, the goblins that were able to breach the defensive line were the ones hurting and killing the civilians within. Nieve watched Pheenie at work, almost looking as if she was dancing a graceful waltz with each swing of her sword as fire burned on the blade, glowing an iridescent red. "Wait, that house..." Around the corner was a decent looking house, made of brick with modest decorations on the yard. "Guard Captain Finn Grant's house. It's door was torn open." Niece lead the way in, lunging and slicing apart the goblins inside.

There they are! Covered in blood, found them. Captain Grant's young wife and infant son, both badly wounded and prone on the wooden floor. "Alive, but barely." Nieve whispered. Pheenie nodded sternly, holding her sword out as she guarded the doorway. "Take care of them. I'll make sure no one gets in." Nieve was calm as she pulled out her medicine bag. She needed to stop the bleeding but there were so many injuries. "Pl-please..." Esme said in a ragged voice, breath almost agonal. "Help... Ricky first..." Nieve nodded, biting her lip as she washed her hands with a sterilizing agent. She had to stem the bleeding first, but seeing how much blood was already decorating the floor in stained red, it may be already too late for them both.