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Audience Room

This is a place within the temple that is reserved for the King and other high officials that wish to have an audience with the Guardians and Divines.


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"He was one of those creatures who are just simmering there all the time with a silly sort of wickedness. Miserable devils who have no business living at all."---Joseph Conrad.


Lycaon carried a lot of disdain towards his siblings, a sentiment that may not have always been clear. But his disinterest in their affairs, or even their company for that matter, was always on display beneath his emotionless veneer. There was Quinn, little miss perfect. Lycaon could not help but think she was their favorite. As Quinn came up behind him and tugged on his ear, he did not so much as flinch as he kept walking in the direction towards the audience room – his Beast familiars still in tow along with the rest of the entourage surrounding the other Divines. “Do you insist on doing that?” Lycaon grumbled in his usual monotone, lifeless fashion. He truly felt like his siblings only mission in life was to torment his very existence on account of being the youngest, with Quinn not being the exception to the rule as she felt the incessant need to always subtly remind him of that fact.

Ofelia’s accusatory glance did not go unnoticed either; however, Lycaon knew she was referring more to Lyssa than himself. In some small way, Ofelia was the more practical of the lot, and while he knew little of her scheming, she at least appeared to promote peace with the humans – something Lycaon also wished for. Adonis, on the other hand, could not have been more different. He was an agent of chaos, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Lycaon could not escape the feeling that something was afoot between him and Lyssa, but unfortunately, Lyssa had closed off parts of herself to him so he could not deduce with any certainty whether there was any truth to it.

Unenthused as he entered the audience hall, he did his best to avoid the gazes of the nobles who surely were monitoring his every move. When Ofelia was done with her usual spiel, a speech they had heard far too many times already, he stood there aimlessly – fidgeting as he toyed with the gold clasp around his left wrist. Lycaon, as usual, had his hair tied back neatly, away from his face, and wore a flowing purple robe with gold trim made of the finest silk that draped along the floor as he walked. A wardrobe fit for royalty. Or... a Divine. As he continued standing there, waiting impatiently for the drab affair to conclude, he caught the eye of his next Guardian to be. A woman who would no doubt be considerably different than his previous Guardian, Mylenna – a woman who surprisingly had a lot in common with Lyssa and Lycaon considering her split personality.

Ten years was a long time to get accustomed to someone, but going on the 75th generation of Guardians, Lycaon was slowly getting used to change. As the calendar flipped by from one year to the next, the change was slowly becoming even more inevitable, with Lycaon losing track of time and accepting the fact that he seemingly had an endless amount of it. Now, instead of Mylenna, there was this clumsy, shy girl standing in front of him. “We are pleased to meet you, Galaya.” Lycaon spoke softly and showed little interest in the girl while failing to give away which of them Galaya was addressing. Although, any Guardian worth their salt should be able to deduce as much on their own. Meanwhile, he could hear Lyssa picking his brain. “WE are PLEASED? Pshh, speak for yourself. I can’t wait to tell her just how PLEASED my happy little ass really is myself…”

Offering a small bow in the direction of Galaya, Lycaon was restrained, a feat that Lyssa was incapable of. However, for the moment, she was seemingly quiet, showing little interest in revealing herself. At least not yet…