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Be Gentle With Me
{ethan 'clark' alexander}

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Don't Break Me

Ethan’s eyes were locked on Kairo’s hands. The cards were collected for a second game and he tried to focus on the shuffling. He was forcing himself to think about the second game of poker and the strategy he was going to use to try and win, but he was failing. You want him. You can’t have him. He is only being nice. He doesn’t want you. Why are you still here? Ethan took the cards in his hand and looked at them, reorganizing them in his hand though he doesn’t know why he did it. Most people just organize their cards so he figured that would help. The game started and Ethan really did try his hardest to win. His poker face was better than the first time, but he was still giving away his hand in his facial expressions. The sheer confusion on his face was enough to know that he wasn’t even aware of what it was he was even looking at. Kai easily beat him and Ethan set his cards down, smiling a bit. ”I will practice more. Next time I will win.” Next time? There will not be a next time.

Ethan needed a drink. Something strong to keep his thoughts from screaming at him as they are. He wanted his earbuds. He wanted to blast the music and scramble his brain. He would sleep if he thought sleeping would save him. For a moment, the two of them just sat there across from one another. It was the slowest few seconds of his life. His heart has never beat so fast in such little time. Kairo mentioned food being ready. Another thing to help keep his thoughts off his therapist. Ethan stood up off the couch and he couldn’t help himself from glancing at the front door. She is coming. She knows. She is coming and she knows. SHE IS COMING AND SHE KNOWS! Ethan tensed up again and he shuffled towards where Kairo gestured. ”Th-thank y-you..” He didn’t bother to try and make eye contact. He was just waiting to get his plate so he could eat the food.