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The wink made Skye roll her eyes, but she'd be lying if she said the roundhouse kick didn't impress her a little. But she didn't have time to dwell on it, as somebody came at her brandishing a gun. They appeared to have finally realised the two teenagers with knives were more of a threat than the men with guns. So Skye let the illusion drop. That was enough to confuse and temporarily distract them, enough for Skye to slam the man in the face with his own gun. That wouldn't have been enough to stop him, and so Skye ducked and quickly made copies of herself. "What the hell?" The man yelled, right before Skye punched him in the face again before whirling around, driving an elbow into his stomach and snatching the gun from his hands. She slammed the gun against his temple and he crumpled. Tucking the gun into the back of her trousers, she scanned the room. Their numbers had dropped significantly, but there was one or two still standing. One of whom was attempting to sneak up on Sterling.

"Seven o'clock!" She yelled, already sprinting across the room to intercept. The copies of her followed, spreading out in a circle around them. The man halted in his tracks, the illusion clearly perplexing him. Skye halted, stepping into line with the rest of the illusion and standing stock still. The man raised his gun and scanned the circle of copies. He raised the gun and fired at one of them, which disappeared into a wisp of smoke. Skye wanted to glance at Sterling, but she didn't want to make herself stand out from the rest of the group. She had to trust him that he'd know it was a distraction. The man fired at another copy, and Skye had to stop herself from holding her breath. She was exposed like this, and it was putting her on edge.


Ollie knew to get the hell out of the way when he saw Theo's posture shifting. He threw himself away from them, hitting the floor and rolling straight to his feet. When Theo went feral, there was something... terrifying. Ollie knew it was Theo, knew it was his friend. But the fear was something primal, the realisation that you weren't quite the apex predator any more and you had become prey. He turned away, breaking open the first aid cabinet and searching for supplies. He'd turned around to face Theo when he was suddenly shoved against the wall, hands around his neck. This wasn't Theo, he reminded himself. This was the part of him his friend couldn't control. He knew not to react, knew not to make himself seem like a threat. But then he could see a change, a shift. Theo was fighting back. And then he shoved himself back and Ollie exhaled heavily, not even realising he'd been holding his breath.

Theo's reaction broke something in Ollie. He could see the panic in his face, the fear. It was then that Ollie remembered that his shoulder was still bleeding and he was covered in blood. Slowly, he bent down to retrieve the bandages he'd gathered and walked over to Theo, resting a hand on his shoulder for a brief moment. He pulled a chair so he was sitting opposite Theo, before pressing the bandages into his hands. "All this blood might cause a bit of panic among the hostages. You do my shoulder, I'll check your hands, okay?" He held Theo's gaze for a moment, showing that he wasn't scared. Then he pulled off his jacket, slowly slowly, grimacing at the pull on his shoulder. But the blood at least wouldn't show quite as much on the black t-shirt. He knew they needed to get moving, they needed to get the hostages out, but stressing Theo out might just make things worse.