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【 dialogue: #003366 | outfit 】
Oh I hope someday
I'll make it out of here.
Even if it takes all night
or a hundred years.
Need a place to hide
but I can't find one near.
Wanna feel the life outside
I can't fight my fear.

So much was new to River...this place, this strange man and his family...this feeling of being safe. Perhaps that's what startled him the most. It had been years since he felt "safe" anywhere. Not even in his own home was he ever at ease. There was always something that kept him on his toes, looking over his shoulder, staring at the high ceiling for hours without being able to sleep. This place, this house he'd never been to felt so warm, so welcoming. Or perhaps it was just Theo. There wasn't much he could say at the moment, so he settled for returning the smile Tessa gave him and watched silently as she walked off to bed, leaving the two boys alone.

It was rather quiet in the house, but not the same type of quiet Rin's house usually held. Back at the Lin estate, River's thoughts always seemed to echo off the walls. Ninety percent of the time, he was alone in the large mansion with no company other than the antique paintings on the wall. The silence here felt different, soothing almost. It lasted a few more minutes, broken only when Theo spoke.

He...wants to help? Why? River's head couldn't seem to wrap around the idea that someone would want to help him simply because they felt like it. There was always a catch, and more often than not it had to do with money. But Theo knew nothing about River or where he came from. He had no way of knowing his family's economic status, so what could he possibly want out of all this? ”You should change. You will catch a cold in those.” Theo's voice was a welcome interruption to his wandering thoughts. The last thing River wanted to do right then was to think about owing yet another person something. Whatever it was that Theo wanted in return for his kindness could be settled later. "Okay." he said simply and quietly as he followed Theodore into what appeared to be his bedroom.

The moment Theo shut the door, Rin found himself in some sort of paralysis. He remained in one spot as Theo moved around the room, looking for clothes that wouldn't slip right off of Rin's body. He'd always been of relatively small stature, but it had never been as apparent as it was now. He felt so small despite the room not being too big. ”You can wear these. I will go change in the bathroom.” River carefully took the dry clothes with a nodded, adding a soft "Thank you" before Theo disappeared down the hallway.

Now that he was alone, somewhere private, River took a moment to analyze the damage. He carefully slipped off his damp jacket and shirt and eyed himself in the small floor length mirror that sat in the corner of the room. The marks on his neck led a fresh row down to his collar bone. They still stung, but not as terrible as they had been about an hour again. As he slid off his pants, the marks on his thighs began to show as well. Some of them were new, but most of them were old imprints of every one of Blake's temper tantrums. HIs legs felt weak simply from standing, so he quickly slipped on the dry sweatpants provided by Theo, thankful that they had an adjustment band around the waist. His eyes continued to fall on the marks that adorned his body, each one with its own flashback of how they'd gotten there. He hadn't meant to, but tears never listened to reason. Without warning, they began to silently fall down his face. The dry t-shirt hung from his hand, but he couldn't bring himself to put it on. His body felt paralyzed by the fear of what he would have to face when he went back home the next day.